Technology Enabled

Best-in-class, end-to-end technical enablement of loyalty programs.

Technology Overview






Provides access to and activation of member data, including Triple Play Data (emotional, behavioral, transactional) via APIs, a standard batch gateway, and extensive MarTech integrations.


Utilizes program configurations, data from Signal Cloud, and machine learning outputs to orchestrate loyalty-inspiring experiences with the next best action or next best offer.


Delivers engaging experiences through multiple customer touchpoints (e.g., website, comms, CSR) with the right message at the right time, informed by Triple Play Data.


Delivers actionable loyalty insights through business intelligence, segmentation, and advanced analytics to drive performance and report on business outcomes.


A modern architecture informed by decades of loyalty strategy

By leveraging best-of-breed technology and building cloud-native service, the KALC platform scales to fit your needs. This starts with your own instance deployed across multiple regions, wherever you need us to be. And, keeping our promise to properly secure your customer’s data, KALC also isolates your data from other clients.

Whether using our member experience or integrating with your own, the individual business services are the same, and they are fully available through an API, batch, messaging, or streaming service. These business services run as immutable Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes, allow KALC to handle whatever traffic, and spikes, your program delivers. Redundancy throughout the architecture ensures that your customers have access to your program whenever and wherever they need it.

From log-in to redemption, KALC is proactively monitored for availability and security. New Relic and Pingdom alert us of any abnormalities and take action as needed. Further, Rapid7 and Qualys keep a constant eye for potential security vulnerabilities and bad actors. The architecture is built to run itself, allowing you to focus on your program and overall strategy.

KALC fits into your broader MarTech ecosystem with its built-in extensibility that enables seamless plug-and-play with your existing tools and processes. Program intelligence is generated in real-time through automated dashboards, financial reporting, and machine learning models to drive your program’s success.


Configurability that rivals custom development

Kobie’s experts will help drive your roadmap by utilizing our best-in-class, future-proof capabilities. Our highly configurable features offer endless program constructs, adaptable by brand, program, and segment. With a focus on speed to market, our configuration capabilities allow for swift implementation of new program features, eliminating the need to wait in line to code small changes. Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud (KALC) enables easy provisioning and configuration of new programs, targeted offers, and rewards catalogs, all with a few simple clicks.

KALC empowers clients to effortlessly design personalized consumer experiences without any coding required. Kobie has architectural principles that help maintain the integrity of our product evolution, while allowing for critical client customizations. This allows for individualized client roadmaps without sacrificing the benefits of a shared product roadmap.

Sample Configuration Options

• Multiple Programs
• Earning Promotions
• Program Business Rules Settings
• Point Expiration
• Member Tier
• Web Experience
• Earning Rules & Experience
• Redemption Catalog Products
• Redemption Pricing Segments
• Redemption Pricing Structures and Rules
• Account Source Codes
• Earning Exclusions
• Card Products & Account Types
• Point Pooling
• Automatic Redemption
• Member Offer Segments
• Member Preferences
• Triggered Communications
• System and API Access
• All Reference Data
• Custom Data Attributes


Extensibility that connects your ecosystem

Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud (KALC) delivers an unmatched experience that matters. We employ third-party and partner expansions that power deep integration capabilities vital to our clients’ current and future loyalty engagements, as well as their program evolution. KALC is a nimble platform with adaptability and extensibility built into every aspect of its architecture, making it easy to extend critical operations through seamless integration.

With over 600 fine and coarse grain APIs, as well as standard batch gateway, it’s easy to integrate to your existing ecosystem through a frictionless exchange of persisted data, producing an omnichannel experience in real-time. We have documented partner extensibility patterns that enable clients to perform some of the most fundamental loyalty operations all the way up to “customized” operations – without the custom development.

Sample Available Integrations

We understand that the Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud (KALC) is a part of a broader MarTech ecosystem for our clients, and as such, each product suite can integrate with key client or partner Systems.

The partners shown are just a sample selection of the many Kobie works with to facilitate an end-toend member experience which is connected and consistent with the overall brand experience of our clients’ customers.


Scalability to support programs of all sizes

KALC’s scalability means the platform grows with you, supporting a range of program sizes from as small as 130K members to as large as 100M members. Streamlining ongoing use of the platform and ensuring future success are core tenets of scalability at Kobie. Automated regression with full feature coverage and a fully automated deployment process means instead of spending time on platform maintenance, we can focus on what really matters – crafting the strategy and delivering personalized engagement. Full documentation on the API library and Standard Batch Gateway, as well as a fully documented Help System, are also available to all clients and partners.
The platform’s scalability ensures clients meet growth and transaction processing demands, employing our high availability architecture, independent micro-services, and Kubernetesbased auto-scaling on the cloud. The platform utilizes cloud deployments for database, service application, and web application tiers. We support some of the industry’s leading peak-time processing through KALC.

Scale driven by:

• Cloud-based infrastructure
• Docker Containers + Kubernetes
• Microservices
• Performance Testing

Scaling to meet the needs of our clients:

Million Members accounts

Million Monthly API calls for a single client

Million Transactions Per Day

Billion Points issued on a single day for a single client

Million API Calls Per Day

Million Members for single program

Million Daily transactions for a single client

Million Monthly avg. sales transactions processed for a single client