Experience Cloud

Kobie Alchemy® Experience Engine is a highly configurable and scalable decisioning technology

that drives engagement throughout the member journey. Experience Engine technology determines and orchestrates audiences, next best actions, and next best offers to members, driving no-code personalization, seamless omnichannel interactions, and remarkable scalability to maximize efficiency and ROI. With seamless integration to marketing ecosystems of any size, Experience Engine enables brands to deliver personalized actions and offers to maximize their loyalty efforts.

Orchestrate personalized Next Best Actions with no code

Experience Engine enables and executes against limitless rules to drive an outcome or action for a member in a loyalty program (or across multiple programs managed by a brand) through Configuration.


Limitless Rules for Orchestration

Configure limitless, stackable rules that define desired outcomes or actions for loyalty program members. Whether it’s incentivizing repeat purchases, rewarding specific behaviors, or driving engagement, Experience Engine adapts to your unique business objectives, ensuring the right actions are triggered for each member at the perfect moment.

Delivers Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Orchestration of omnichannel experiences through the extensibility of the platform, ensuring a cohesive brand
experience that strengthens customer loyalty at every interaction.

Enhances Efficiency and Return on Investment

By maximizing relevancy and engagement, Experience Engine increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall program ROI. The suite’s automation capabilities also streamline campaign management, reducing manual efforts and allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Every feature a marketer needs to create and manage programs

Manage One or More Programs

Enterprise, Multi-brand, Engagement, Experiential, Purchase, Subscription/Paid

Organizational Hierarchy

Control organizations, brands, and locations


  • Qualification/Required Data
  • Track enrollment channels
  • Award offers and bonuses as incentives


  • Eligibility
  • Re-qualification
  • Status Matching


  • Flexible Reward Types
  • Expiration
  • Vesting
  • Earning Exclusions (item, tender, and MCC)

Member Profile Management and Activity

  • Unlimited additional attributes
  • Data Privacy and Fraud Controls
  • Complete view of History: Profile, Tier, Transaction, Offers, Earn, Redemptions, Communication
  • Real-time aggregate tracking (spend, earn, engagement)
  • Authorized Users
  • Member Merge
  • Account Pooling
  • Rewards Gifting

Customer Support Integration Settings

Connect to support, ticketing systems

Fulfillment/Redemption Partner Settings

Set up partners and invoicing codes

User Roles & Permissions

Govern what a user has access to view, edit, and create

Setting Experience Engine apart in the market

Multi-program configuration unlocks limitless strategic value for marketers

Programs are the key element required to configure and execute on any value proposition relating to earn, burn, or marketing and communication. KALC supports a multi-program environment; the platform is purpose built to manage any combination of brands or programs within a brand. This includes everything from program settings for business rules, tier eligibility, card products, program-specific branding for the Member Portal, and more. Program terms and conditions are also easily configured and control the member’s rewards, whether there is a vesting period, when and how rewards expire or are forfeited, and defining any earning exclusions.

Manage members through their loyalty journey, from acquisition to engagement and beyond

Configurations that manage members, starting with acquisition and enrollment qualifications, are also key to program configuration. Marketers have total control to define what data is required upon enrollment, track the enrollment channel, and automatically offer members bonuses or special incentives for joining. Zero- and first party data, which is vital to personalization and driving strong emotional bonds, can be configured easily per program through customer preferences and member attributes, allowing clients to tailor each program specifically to their business goals.

Every feature a marketer needs to decision Next Best Action across earning opportunities

8000+ stackable bonus rule combinations

Pre-configured, stackable rules provide endless combinations of experiences

Leverage data for rules from any source

Any client or partner system can be leveraged for rule data

Add member & transaction attributes

Customize rules without code by adding your own

Evergreen and short-term bonuses

Marketers can control start and end dates for each bonus

Flexible rewards

• Upgrade their tier
• Reward them with a physical or digital item
• Reward them with a coupon or certificate
• Enroll them into a new offer
• Allow member to choose (Pick-a-Perk)

Unlimited bonuses

There is no limit to the number of bonuses that can run concurrently

Item and tender eligibility

Support granular, basket-level decisioning

Non-transactional activity awards

Enable earn on activities, rentals, and events

Liability caps to limit earn by

• Number of times member can earn
• Amount member can earn in a defined timeframe

Approval workflow

Define roles and manage approvals for program changes easily and quickly

Clone Bonuses

Easily manage similar bonuses by quickly copying them within the Admin Portal

Setting Experience Engine Apart in the Market

Configure limitless, stackable rules that score member activity based on any data point

Rules can be applied to all members, specific customer segments, transactions, and product/brand level details – or any combination thereof to include purchases, events, behaviors, and other interactions in real-time decisions. Rules can be created as needed through configurations. With no code, rules can be completely
customized to a program’s members and engagement goals.

Define and leverage audiences from any source system

Audience segments can be imported from a client data source such as a CRM or CDP, created in Experience Engine, or created based on dynamic audience rules, delivering hyper-personalized experiences that resonate.
Offers can be hidden or public to the member, requiring registration before they can unlock the benefits of the

Create flexible bonus rewards that addresses diverse member motivations with or without points

Marketers can leverage multiple levers as outputs of a bonus. What will the member get in response to engaging with an experience we’ve crafted for them? It could be an award of points or other currency, a multiplier on their purchase or items, a new offer, a coupon, a tier upgrade, an item out of the redemption catalog, or the ability pick their own reward through our Pick-A-Perk feature.

Burn Orchestration

Every feature a marketer needs to set up, manage, and control redemption options available to members

Pre-integrated Storefronts and Redemption Partners

Coupons (single or multi-use)


Statement Credit

Pay Me Back

Gift Cards




ability to configure new options

Bank Currency

Allows members to save up earned currency for larger items instead of automatically redeeming for them

Real Time Redemption

A full set of Redemption APIs allows clients to enable real-time redemption, no matter the catalog item


Automatically redeem for members at defined thresholds

Reward Catalog Management, Allowing Control of

• Catalogs
• Catalog display and navigation
• Products
• Product availability
• Pricing (variable or fixed, controlled at the program, segment, or tier level)


Marketers can control shipping options associated with catalog items

Setting Experience Engine apart in the market

Every reward option you need is pre-built and at your fingertips to toggle on or off

Configure redemption and fulfillment options per client, allowing ultimate flexibility and speed to market for a pilot launch. Pre-integrated Rewards Marketplace storefronts include certificates, cashback, statement credits, gift cards, merchandise, travel, charity donations, pay with points, and Pay Me Back. Custom storefronts can even be configured to fit a specific client’s options for partners, brand-specific merchandise, charity donations, and more.

Control every aspect of the rewards catalog, including what displays, who sees it, and how it’s priced

Configurations drive when members can redeem, what members see when they browse to redeem, and the
pricing of those options. The options a catalog displays to a member can be tailored to the member’s program, card product, tier, and segments defined by the client. Similarly, pricing for catalog items can be controlled at the same levels, as well as by catalog, vendor, item type, and timeframe. This enables marketers to set preferential pricing for a given credit card holder or set up a sale on all dining gift cards – in just a few clicks.

New storefronts are added regularly, creating ever-growing optionality in choice for your members

Kobie continues to build a roadmap that drives new, innovative ways to engage members. As such, KALC’s burn orchestration functionality and pre-integrated storefronts will continue to grow over time in our Rewards Marketplace. New, exciting rewards options can be configured to continue to most strongly address members with what best motivates them.