Experience Delivery

Deliver personalized loyalty experiences with Kobie Alchemy® Producer.

Engage members at key loyalty touchpoints

Drive engagement and ROI at scale during crucial steps of the member journey with configurable technology that operates end-to-end or integrated within your martech ecosystem.

Rewards Marketplace

Curate personalized, branded rewards experiences.

Rewards Marketplace provides the ideal breadth and depth of rewards to members in a unified, mobile-first digital experience delivered through SSO with other branded touchpoints. The configurable Rewards Marketplace creates a highly personalized rewards experience designed to engage members while they browse, search, and ultimately redeem from over 800,000 rewards across categories such as travel, gift cards, merchandise, cash back and more. We extend our expansive API Catalog to integrate with 3rd party reward partners and manage those relationships end-to-end on your behalf.

Member Portal

Put your members in the driver’s seat.

The Member Portal is a configurable website that provides a branded rewards experience to members and serves as their primary touchpoint for profile and account management. The Member Portal has KALC’s market-leading configurability along with its responsive, mobile-first UX delivering an elevated loyalty experience. Our personalized, one-stop portal ensures members have easy access to point availability, program details, and account management, all tailored to them. We also offer headless options for clients that require the member information but want to manage and host their own UI.

Loyalty CRM

Scale your Loyalty CRM.

Engage members from acquisition, between transactions, and other milestones with highly personalized communications throughout their loyalty experience. Communicate at scale and with ease via no-code, triggered and planned emails, SMS, and web communications.

Our segment and campaign builder functionality allows marketers to create, execute, and save audience segments, as well as schedule emails using timers, events, and triggers as part of the campaign flow. This means your members receive personalized communications with results that are measured in real-time

Contact Center Solutions

Go beyond customer service to understand Voice of Customer (VOC) insights.

Kobie’s Contact Center, a turnkey solution, is purpose-built to drive first call resolution for members’ problems and issues in ways that build vs. disrupt momentum in their loyalty journey. Unlike many contact center solutions, Kobie’s Contact Center’s extensive call dispositioning combined with program performance data, delivers unique Voice of Customer insights. KPI dashboards detail program performance, communication effectiveness, and new offer sentiment based on this voice of customer data.

Our solution is supported by a team of expert agents trained in both loyalty and customer service best practices. Our expertise allows us to deliver multi-tier service with a 97% first-call resolution rate and a 94% satisfaction rate. While most clients use the turnkey version of this service, our tech application can be provided through an API integration to a brand’s own service operations.