Actionable Loyalty Insights

The intelligence and tools you need to create business impact with Kobie Alchemy® Compass

Driving better outcomes with Business Intelligence

Drive better outcomes through actionable loyalty insights. Kobie Alchemy® Compass uses a combination of Machine Learning and Business Intelligence to measure every aspect of your loyalty program, allow for a cycle of continuous measurement and optimization. Our approach is ML and BI is deeply rooted in strategy that only 30+ years of experience can deliver.

Loyalty Insights

Get the decision-grade information you need at your fingertips.

Loyalty KPIs help validate how well a loyalty strategy is performing, but truly actionable insights help program owners understand which levers to accelerate to drive growth, and how to address underperformance around enterprise value and member engagement. Compass Loyalty Insights are delivered through highly interactive, configurable dashboards within the Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud (KALC) platform. Constantly updating through a real-time Snowflake Enterprise Data Warehouse, you can distill over 250 data combinations into the new audiences, new rewards, and/or new tactics to improve performance of your loyalty strategy.

ML Modeling

Boost next best actions with machine learning.

Uncover trends in data that not only predict, but help understand the “why” behind your members’ behavior. Kobie’s approach to machine learning merges our technical expertise with with an in-depth understanding of loyalty. This allows us to precisely identify the essential data inputs necessary to drive next-best-offers/actions.

Our suite of models have been meticulously developed across multiple verticals and trained on all types of member behavior, creating an exceptionally adaptable foundation of models as a starting point to drive program performance. Kobie’s ML models leverage Snowflake, Snowpark, Python, and other ML tools to constantly score customer interactions and activities for use throughout the KALC platform.

Human-guided AI

Rely on more than just machines with human-guided AI.

While ML models help to identify correlations in data, our human-guided AI approach takes these insights a step further to help identify causation. This means more reliable insights that unlike standard SaaS solutions, layer in human expertise to derive maximum value from AI. We leverage ML modeling to serve as the processing of large data sets that can run on auto-pilot, while our human-guided AI services leverage human intelligence that machines are not yet capable of.