Loyalty Data

Leverage secure, robust loyalty data with Kobie Alchemy® Signal Cloud.

Unlock a data-rich era

We believe in maximizing data generated through every customer interaction. What sets Signal Cloud apart is the ability to not only collect and manage Triple Play Data™, but also to utilize it across our technology and services.

Transactional, behavioral and emotional data points are harnessed across our entire technology platform, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of your customer and driving impactful targeting, triggering and personalization.

Our distinctive approach enables us to unlock profound insights and drive exceptional customer outcomes, guiding your brand along the journey to excellence in digital engagement.

Transactional Data

Customers’ spending behavior

Behavioral Data

Engagement data from all marketing interactions

Emotional Data

Kobie’s proprietary Emotional Loyalty Scoring (ELS®) for customers

Loyalty CDP

A one-stop-shop to manage customer data.

We collect, store, enrich, analyze and activate customer data across all channels via Kobie’s CDP. Our approach includes identity resolution, householding, segmentation, predictive insights, enterprise data inclusion, and seamless aggregation. We help optimize a brand’s value exchange with customers to incentivize the ongoing collection of rich Zero-Party Data from customers.

Loyalty ID Management

Increase your confidence with reliable consumer profiles.

KALC assigns and manages a persistent ID, that is unique to each individual on the platform, throughout the member’s loyalty journey. Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud handles PII and non-PII data while adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and other compliance standards in its data exchange protocols and extensibility patterns.

Loyalty API Catalog

Expand your ecosystem seamlessly.

With over 600 fine and coarse grain APIs, as well as standard batch gateway, it’s easy to integrate to your existing ecosystem through a frictionless exchange of persisted data to produce an omnichannel experience in real-time. We have documented partner extensibility patterns that enable clients to perform some of the most fundamental loyalty operations including “customized” operations, all without the custom development.