Operational Planning

Bringing loyalty strategy to life through technology and operations.

Operational Planning

We help assess your operational readiness and build actionable plans to close any gaps required to deliver on your marketing and loyalty strategies. We also provide ongoing support and operational guidance to ensure the expected delivery of value to your customers and business.

Key business questions we answer:


  • What tools and technology do I need to enable my strategy?
  • How can I unlock the most value from my current operations and tech stack?

Martech Optimization

Tune your martech stack for loyalty.

Grounded by our strategy-led, technology-enabled mindset, we approach our Martech Optimization process with understanding your desired loyalty experiences. This provides context for the use cases, user stories, and requirements that will determine what your martech stack needs to accomplish.

We conduct a comprehensive gap analysis and build out a roadmap of changes that balances cost, timing, and scope to get your martech ecosystem designed, tuned, and scaled to deliver seamless loyalty. We determine the answers to solving your unique challenges and desired outcomes.

    Data Privacy Assessment

    Ensure compliance and mitigate data privacy risk.

    Our clients require us to uphold the highest data privacy standards based on the latest legal and regulatory requirements and our Data Privacy Assessment is based on our approach to data privacy as a provider.

    Kobie’s Data Privacy Assessment includes an end-to-end audit of your data management practices to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate potential risks. We perform a deep dive into your data inventory and mapping for how data flows through the organization, including integration with 3rd party applications. We also review your policies for obtaining and managing consent as well as what controls you have in place for access and security. Gaps or vulnerabilities found during the assessment are summarized in a report with recommend remediation options.

    If you aren’t familiar with the stats around data privacy and it’s importance, check out the latest post in our privacy series:

    Organizational Alignment

    Calling all loyalty stakeholders!

    For loyalty initiatives to meet their potential, all key stakeholders have to align on prioritized outcomes, KPIs and operational processes. Marketing, Technology, and Operations areas need to be in alignment to focus on desired outcomes and support those through tools and processes.

    Kobie provides an independent expert perspective and voice to facilitate complex organizational alignment. Our Organizational Alignment service helps align a brand’s key stakeholders around growing enterprise value through loyalty. We use a series of questionnaires, interview sessions, and workshops alongside the frameworks in our loyalty toolbox to drive alignment that delivers exceptional results.

      Change Management

      Create sustainable change in your organization.

      After implementing new programs, nurturing loyalty programs through their infancy, and optimizing programs that are mature, Kobie understands the fundamentals needed to assist with change management across a wide variety of contexts. We have honed our change management approach from these diverse experiences with clients and with our own internal experiences delivering the industry’s leading technology and services over the past 33 years.

      Incorporating elements from leading and successful frameworks and models, like Kotter’s 8-step Model, ADKAR, McKinsey 7S, and Bridge’s Transition model, our Change Management philosophy is pragmatic and focuses on iterative progress and sustainable change. We typically focus on education, communication, governance, and alignment across the enterprise.

      Staff Augmentation

      Extend your team’s loyalty expertise and capacity.

      There may be times where you may not have the right skillsets or enough capacity inside your organization to drive your loyalty strategy at the scope and timing required to meet your objectives. Kobie’s Staff Augmentation service enables you to extend your team with expert loyalty staff on a retainer basis.