Experience Management

Building loyalty experiences that motivate customers and drive enterprise value.

Experience Management

We help you develop and execute effective CX strategies that keep your customers, employees, and partners engaged and informed, driving long-term loyalty and advocacy. 

Key business questions we answer:   

  • What communications and offers should we be sending? 
  • How can I integrate the member experience into the brand experience? 
  • How should the experience come to life? 
  • How do we activate personalization in the market? 
  • How can I know my campaign had an impact? 

CX Journey Mapping

Customer journeys that deliver desired behaviors.

Kobie’s Customer Experience (CX) Maps are unique in that they focus on bringing the loyalty “promise” to life as part of a holistic view of the customer-to-member journey. We visualize all interactions and perceptions of key moments in both your customer and loyalty member lifecycle. Our CX Maps typically include key customer profiles (personas) and deliver a view into your current state journeys with overlays regarding future journeys that incorporate new loyalty design and strategies.

Campaign Offer Planning

Offer strategy that maximizes customer engagement and marketing ROI.

After selecting the right audience, the right offer creates the biggest impact on your customers’ engagement and marketing ROI. Campaign Offer Planning activates our strategy-led, technology-enabled approach by leveraging our expertise in creating Learning Agendas that drive Test-and-Learn Plans. We leverage data and insights as a result of delivering over 8,000 loyalty offer combinations for our clients through Kobie Alchemy® Experience Engine. With Campaign Offer Planning, we will recommend offer strategies that are actionable, measurable, and designed to maximize enterprise value.

Personalization Strategy

Translating the buzz around personalization into results.

Brands need to get past the hype of personalization using AI, and start producing results. We provide a Personalization Strategy service that addresses how to deliver personalization to your customers in ways that guarantee engagement and emotional loyalty. We help brands focus as much on what they need to do as well as what not to do.

Consumers have elevated their expectations, and underdelivering against those expectations causes lower profitability and often times churn. Kobie’s Personalization Strategy operates at the customer level. The key is collecting zero-party-data throughout the customer experience. Once enough data is collected, it takes the right technology to pair offers, promotions, and program messages with the right customer.

Content Management

A comprehensive content strategy to meet your business goals.

Activating individual customers requires compelling and personal content. Kobie enables a comprehensive content strategy that brings your brand to life through any channel and delivers upon your marketing and loyalty objectives. Our approach to dynamic content assembly enables marketers to create thousands of variations of creative while reducing overall investment in design services.

Loyalty CRM

Delivering seamless Loyalty CRM.

Kobie’s platform-agnostic approach to CRM enables us to seamlessly integrate, grow, and evolve in partnerships with our clients. We deliver a CRM strategy that provides value at scale, regardless of our clients’ martech toolset preferences.

Our CRM enables messages that are personal, contextual, and timely to connect best with customers. This is achieved over time through thoughtful consideration of messaging needs, technical capabilities, and available data.

Rewards Fulfillment

Rewarding customers with best-in-class fulfillment.

Kobie handles all aspects of fulfillment management, from sourcing the rewards in your catalog, to ultimately delivering the rewards to your customers, including all of the necessary operational support. Our Rewards Fulfillment service also includes a digital rewards experience that is secure, configurable, personalized, and supported by our network of best-in-breed providers.

We go beyond just providing the catalog of rewards, helping determine which rewards will drive better profitability while maintaining appeal with members. Best yet, our purchasing scale creates leveraged pricing for our clients that is hard to obtain alone across fulfillment providers.

UX Design Services

Create the best digital user experiences.

Digital design and UX services are available to lead or assist your marketing efforts to create and execute comprehensive omni-channel journey marketing that drives members’ incremental spend and engagement between transactions. Our team of strategists and planners, UX and graphic designers, copywriters, and project managers have extensive cross-vertical, digital expertise that is ingrained in brand loyalty.

Contact Center

Loyalty servicing is a specialty for your customers.

Kobie’s Contact Center, a turnkey solution, is purpose-built to drive first call resolution for members’ problems and issues in ways that build, not disrupt, momentum in their loyalty journey. Unlike many contact center solutions, Kobie’s Contact Center’s extensive call dispositioning combined with program performance data, delivers unique Voice of Customer insights. KPI dashboards detail program performance, communication effectiveness, and new offer sentiment based on this voice of customer data.

Our solution is supported by a team of expert agents trained in both loyalty and customer service best practices. Our expertise allows us to deliver multi-tier service with a 97% first-call resolution rate and a 94% satisfaction rate. Although most clients use the turnkey version of this service, our tech application can be provided through an API integration to a brand’s own service operations.