Engagement between the transactions is the key to reducing churn

Telecommunications is the heart of today’s digital economy, and one of the most relied on parts of a consumer’s daily life. However, with a service that is largely invisible and long buying cycles, the industry requires a completely different and unique loyalty strategy to keep customers engaged to ultimately decrease churn.

With subscription models as the foundation of the industry, the need to engage between the transactions (renewal) takes on a whole new meaning. Loyalty strategies are critical in order to mitigate churn of your key customer base and keeping your brand top of mind – all the time. Telecom has another key challenge the funding model. Many times, the revenue is predictable, but relatively flat and the cost to engage customers, if not offset by ancillary revenue or increased retention, can be cost prohibitive.  

At Kobie, we’ve focused on optimizing engagement through multiple strategies. We use machine learning models to accurately predict at-risk, high-value customers and deliver hard benefits at key moments that matter, to those who are best suited for the investment. We also deliver partner benefits across other key segments, at low/no cost to drive engagement. Partners are willing to deliver offers and discounts on desirable products and services for access to your customer base. With the race to the next G (6G) underway and the competitors in the market closely matched, Kobie’s loyalty strategies are critical to drive differentiation and ultimately retention in order to win big.

Armando Pando

VP, Client Services, Entertainment & Telecom

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Kobie Named a Forrester Leader

Kobie has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Loyalty Technology Solutions, Q1 2023 Report.

In its evaluation, Forrester noted "with a full suite of technical and strategic services, Kobie offers some of the strongest services support in this evaluation."