Loyalty Performance

Using data-driven insights to inform better decisions and create more value from loyalty.

Loyalty Performance

With a loyalty lens and applied cross-vertical expertise, we translate data into insights and leverage advanced analytical techniques to maximize ROI and customer engagement.

Key business questions we answer:


    • Is my loyalty strategy/program financially optimized?
    • How can my loyalty strategy attract and engage the right customers?
    • How can AI create more personalization and value?
    • How do I create a Learning Agenda and the right test-and-learn plans?
    • How do I collect more customer data to meet my loyalty objectives?

Program Management

Successful programs require evaluation and iteration.

Kobie offers day-to-day management services for loyalty programs to keep the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of a loyalty program performing and on track to exceed the goals of the program.

From evaluation of ongoing data insights to marketing planning through execution to management of new program feature development, our clients witness our strategy-led, tech-enabled mindset show up every day in how we handle the complexity of running end-to-end loyalty for their brand. Kobie takes pride of ownership as we help deliver loyalty program management services alongside the world’s most iconic brands.

Loyalty Benchmarking

Know where you stand in your market.

Kobie has several ways we help brands understand and track their loyalty strategy with respect to their goals, their competition, and the overall loyalty landscape. Our expert team of PhDs, consultants, analysts, and researchers, tailor benchmarking solutions to a brand’s needs using our proven suite of tools:

• Our data-driven Loyalty Assessment, which benchmarks loyalty from the consumer’s perspective
• In-vertical and cross-vertical data benchmarks provided through KALC Compass tools
• Kobie Primary Research
* Kobie Contact Center VOC (Voice of Customer) data


Analytical Services

Create more incrementality with Human-guided AI.

Kobie’s strategy-led perspective on Machine Learning (ML) is the distinctive factor that differentiates us in the market. We firmly hold that the application of context and strategy to ML is just as pivotal as the mathematical and methodological aspects.

We marry Business Intelligence (BI), loyalty strategy, and deep understanding of our clients’ business to develop ML models that guarantee the success of our clients’ programs. Brands benefit from our existing suite of ML models, which have been meticulously developed across multiple verticals and trained on all types of member behavior to create an exceptionally adaptable foundation for new learnings.

Kobie stays on the leading edge of the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) which is creating new opportunities for loyalty everywhere. However, we add an important ingredient to the AI toolset – the human factor. Left alone, AI algorithms can mistake correlation with causality so we guide AI for our clients with loyalty-centric, mulit-vertical experts in data and decision science.

Analytical Services include:

• Audience analysis and selection
• Segmentation
• Deep dive analysis
• ML model building
• KPI reporting


Campaign Measurement

Are your campaigns growing customer loyalty?

Our analytical services are powered by what we call Triple Play Data® which includes transactional, behavioral, and emotional data to derive unique insights and differential value. For marketing campaigns, we focus on behavioral data like opens, clicks, and conversion stats of the communications and add loyalty views for members, tiers, changes in liability, and more.

We measure how your campaigns perform across channels with intelligent dashboards and data visualization across triggered, ad-hoc, or lifecycle campaigns. With these insights, you never have to guess if campaigns are resonating with audiences and driving the desired behaviors.

Loyalty Health Monitor

Gain a holistic view of your program.

Every great program is financially viable, operationally feasible, and has a compelling value proposition.

Kobie’s approach to program health considers the financial lens inclusive of financial model, and the member lens for value proposition and experience delivery to holistically assess program health.


Emotional Loyalty Measurement

Understanding your customers’ emotional motivations.

Kobie’s Emotional Loyalty Scoring (ELS®), is the only data-driven measurement in the industry that measures how customers are emotionally connected to a brand and the loyalty strategy. Incremental engagement with a brand implies greater loyalty to it, but in order to sustain that incrementality, brands need to understand how their customers and members are emotionally motivated.

ELS is based on academic research that Kobie developed into a scoring algorithm to help understand, track and trend emotional motivators alongside performance measurement. This analytical view to something many see as subjective, sets Kobie apart in the industry.