QSR requires data-driven personalization within the brand promise of speed and convenience

In QSR, the goal of brands and customers alike is around speed and value. But, that doesn’t mean that quality or personalization can be compromised. Customers have more choice today than ever before in QSR, and loyalty strategies built on first-party data personalization can create tie-breakers for your customers and provide incremental opportunities for your brand. 

For decades QSRs served their customers without knowing them very well. As competition grew and the need to optimize operations became imperative for scale, QSRs looked to understand customer preferences and behavior at a whole new level. Loyalty strategies have become the chosen solution to gather first/zero party data from customers and utilize it to drive everything from menu optimization to operational efficiency for the brand and the customer.

Starbucks has led the way in terms of using loyalty strategies to understand their customers better while driving a more seamless and convenient experience for them and the stores. Kobie has worked closely with QSRs to establish adapted practices that drive convenience and loyalty for their brand. The organizational structure of the QSR can make program delivery complex with franchisee funding models. Thankfully, Kobie’s center of excellence around loyalty financial modeling can help QSRs develop the value proposition that will ensure franchise buy-in (when needed) that aligns with member acquisition and ultimately retention on the front-lines.

Tania Tawil

VP, Client Services, Retail & QSR

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Kobie Named a Forrester Leader

Kobie has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Loyalty Technology Solutions, Q1 2023 Report.

In its evaluation, Forrester noted "with a full suite of technical and strategic services, Kobie offers some of the strongest services support in this evaluation."