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Take the guesswork out regarding how to drive loyalty, and put the loyalty expertise in.

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Enable outcomes that grow enterprise value

Greater than the specific outcomes of a traditional loyalty program, enterprise value is grown and maximized by creating loyalty at an emotional level with customers while also delivering incremental ROI to your business. Our proven frameworks, tools, and insights coupled with 30+ years of cross-vertical loyalty expertise will help you grow enterprise value in a way that addresses the needs of your marketing, technology, and finance stakeholders.

Being strategy-led, technology-enabled is more than our mindset. The value of strategy won’t be realized if it can’t be executed successfully. Our thinking is grounded by the experience we gain from running end-to-end technology and program management for some of the biggest brands in the world. We inherently know the levers and complexities required to make our strategic recommendations actionable and profitable for your business.

Advance your loyalty and marketing strategy

Strategic Design
Create or optimize your loyalty strategy

Experience Management
Develop effective CX to keep your customers engaged

Operational Planning
Assess your readiness and build actionable plans to close gaps

Loyalty Performance
Translate data into insights that maximize your ROI

Kobie Loyalty Services are built on 3 core differentiators: Emotional Loyalty Scoring®, Kobie’s Loyalty Drivers framework and our Program Health methodology. Our experts use these tools alongside the collection of transactional, behavioral, and emotional data which we call Triple Play Data® to deliver best-in-class loyalty programs. Together, Kobie arms you with strategies that are pragmatic, grounded in loyalty principles, and most importantly, actionable and financially viable across your marketing ecosystem.

Emotional Loyalty Scoring®

Scores and tracks your customers’ emotional motivations to be used as an input for your strategy. Download the eBook

Loyalty Drivers

Benchmark and align your strategy to universal loyalty principles for all brands.

Program Health

Evaluate your strategy from both a financial and consumer lens.

strategy-led, technology-enabled, data-driven

Only the right data sets you free

Our team of consultants, analysts and PhDs eat, sleep and breath loyalty with a unified mission to deliver data-driven, fact-based loyalty strategies that drive greater enterprise value.

We utilize Triple Play Data™, which brings together transactional, behavioral, and emotional data, into our loyalty lens so we can create engagement that matters for you and your consumers. This data uniquely allows us to deliver experiences that motivates customer loyalty, and helps us build the most informed loyalty programs in the market.