Our Industries

Leveraging applied multi-vertical expertise to best serve brand’s loyalty needs.

Applied multi-vertical expertise

We run loyalty programs for many large and iconic brands. Our industry expertise covers financial services, retail, travel & hospitality, quick-serve, convenience, healthcare, entertainment, and telecom. ​

Often when providers show their client logos, the same brands appear up across multiple providers. This can cause confusion as to which provider serves their loyalty needs. For large providers, where loyalty is often an offshoot of the core business model, the client logos are associated with other services they provide outside loyalty. For smaller providers, they often service only a single integration point within a program.​

At Kobie, we are singularly focused on loyalty; delivering end-to-end services and technology to fuel loyalty programs for all our full-service clients. ​

Our depth of loyalty service creates a significant advantage regarding the loyalty expertise Kobie brings to the table. Each industry has its own unique characteristics, challenges, and trends. In financial services, it is compliance and data security. In retail, it is seamless omnichannel experiences. In telecom, it is driving engagement between transactions. And in travel, it is leveraging partnerships to extend the program’s reach and relevance.​

Deeply servicing these verticals end-to-end creates a significant advantage for all our clients, as it gives us unique insights and learnings that can be leveraged across verticals. We help our clients create unique differentiation by leveraging best practices from one industry for use in another.