Strategic Design

Creating a vision and an actional plan to meet your brand’s loyalty and retention goals.

Emotional Loyalty Scoring®

Use emotional loyalty as an input to your strategy with ELS®.

Emotional loyalty is a popular topic in loyalty and marketing circles. Every brand wants to drive it. However, understanding existing emotional loyalty motivators for your customers and then figuring out how to leverage it can be a challenge. Our proprietary Emotional Loyalty Scoring® methodology addresses this challenge. ELS is the only way in the loyalty industry to measure existing emotional loyalty motivators, which can be used as “input” into your strategy.

We score your customers to understand the “why” behind their behaviors, which is based on leading academic research on emotional motivation and behavioral science. With ELS in place, you can optimize your customer experience, segmentation strategies, communications, reward options, and partner development with the confidence that it will resonate with your customers at an emotional level. Our work using ELS shows that when used to drive strategies, customers have higher lifetime value (3X), stay active longer (1.5X), and are more satisfied with your brand (1.4X).

ELS® segments include:


“I feel better about myself based on the way I interact with this brand because they make me feel special.”


“I made my decision regarding my preferred brand, and I am now mostly on autopilot.”


“I feel there is a two-way relationship, and I owe it to the brand to stay loyal.”

Loyalty Program Design

Optimize your program design with a differentiated approach and unparalled loyalty expertise.

Our technology-agnostic, cutting-edge loyalty program design service is systematic and comprehensive and typically integrates all three of our proprietary tools to drive the most informed recommendations: Kobie’s Loyalty Program Assessment, Kobie’s Loyalty Drivers, Emotional Loyalty Scoring®, and our Loyalty Financial Modeling. Through these four lenses, we make recommendations of where to focus to be competitive in market, what your most valuable customers are motivated by today with your brand, and how to optimize your spend and program levels to drive optimal outcomes.

Our team of consultants, analysts, and researchers live and breathe loyalty. They operate under a strategy-led, technology-enabled mindset which results in recommended strategies that are pragmatic, grounded in loyalty principles, and most importantly, actionable and financially viable. We know that loyalty programs have three primary stakeholders; the CMO, the CTO, and the CFO. Our proven approach has made us well known for program design that meet the needs of all three stakeholders alike.

Enterprise Loyalty Design

Grow enterprise value through loyalty.

For Enterprise Loyalty Design, we approach strategy well beyond the program level. We leverage some of the same tools and expertise as we do during Loyalty Program Design, but we take a broader, more holistic view of your brand assets and customer interaction points in our design.

Enterprise loyalty requires an increased focus on change management as we help to identify and align decision makers, influencers, and stakeholders across your brand. Often times, a traditional loyalty program is collecting the most customer data, which we will insights from to determine strategies across the marketing touchpoints of the brand. Goals for enterprise loyalty design include broader outcomes regarding customer acquisition, cross-sell and upsell optimization, customer engagement and satisfaction, and brand-level customer retention.

Loyalty Program Assessment

See how you stack up against competitors.

Kobie’s Loyalty Program Assessment provides a data-driven benchmark that helps brands understand how their loyalty program stacks up against competing programs in the market. The assessment looks at six key categories which are scored across 137 questions, and the findings are benchmarked against multiple brands and industries.

Today we have a library of over 250+ loyalty programs that have been benchmarked across multiple inudstries. Kobie’s Loyalty Assessment helps identify and prioritize gaps, as well as opportunities, to differentiate your loyalty strategy in your competitive market.

Financial Modeling

Model loyalty ROI endorsed by CFOs and finance leaders.

With decades of expertise consulting with clients on their loyalty strategies, Kobie’s Financial Modeling Center of Excellence has developed a differentiated approach to modeling. We take a broader look at program health through both the financial lens and the member lens. By incorporating both perspectives, we get a full view into all program drivers that create incremental profitability.

When developing the financial model, we start with benchmarked inputs from the aggregated data Kobie has generated from running end-to-end loyalty for some of the biggest brands in the world. We compare these assumptions against your customer data. As we determine which levers to use to drive incremental engagement, we then stress test our assumptions to quantify risks and opportunities. Our models are often evaluated against by out clients’ CFOs and are able to satisfy their scrutiny and due diligence rigor.

Customer and Brand Research

Understand your customers and prospects better.

Our flagship research product utilizes a mixed methods approach to quantitatively assess the potential impacts of new loyalty strategies coupled with a deeper understanding of the “why” consumers feel the way they do. Most research solutions make you pick a quantitative or qualitative method which reduces the type and depth of insights you get from consumers. With Kobie’s Consumer Validation Research, you get both. Whether it is a adding a new element to your strategy, modifying existing benefits and reward offers, or changing the member experience, we can help you understand more about your customers and prospects. You will have the data to back up your strategies so you can move forward with confidence.

Partnership Consulting

Deliver more value through partners.

Our Partnership Consulting services help brands evaluate the role of current and prospective partners in your loyalty strategy. With a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives, KPIs, and capability gaps, our proprietary partner scorecards and models help assess the landscape using partner criteria that includes brand and reputational fit, financial contribution, value proposition expansion, and more.