Loyalty Decisioning

Orchestrate next best actions and offers, powered by AI, with Kobie Alchemy® Experience Engine.

Decisioning technology with limitless possibilities

Kobie Alchemy® Experience Engine determines and orchestrates audiences, next best actions, and next best offers to members, delivering no-code personalization, seamless omnichannel interactions, and remarkable scalability to maximize efficiency and ROI.

Drive engagement using extensive program and customer journey configurations that include unlimited bonus, promotion, redemption and program tiering opportunities

Member Management

Manage member preferences and build community.

Experience Engine powers a personalized hub where members can fine-tune their engagement with your brand. Like a master dial, it enables members to update their account profile, set and adjust preferences for communications, content, and rewards and benefits. Member Management is supported by persistent gamification which delivers immersive experiences to capture additional zero party data used to enhance personalization resulting in deeper engagement and higher lifetime value of your members.

Communities are an aspect of modern loyalty designs where members interact directly with other members under a common purpose or program. Experience Engine sees these interactions between members, referrals, user feedback, and participation in the community as non-transactional events that it can apply its highly configurable rules to set eligibility and data requirements for access, track status, and define how the rewards and benefits integrate with broader loyalty and marketing initiatives.


Program Configuration

Configure your marketing programs with endless possibilities.

Experience Engine enables you to configure, customize, and adapt your loyalty or marketing program to meet your specific business needs. Through Experience Engine, you can configure how your program works on an end-to-end basis by choosing from a limitless inventory of stackable marketing rules. With just a few clicks in Experience Engine’s intuitive configuration interface, you have the flexibility to tailor offers on thousands of combinations of events – both transactional and non-transactional – customize the reward offering, set business rules for tiers, and more. Best yet, Experience Engine is so flexible you can set these rules independently at the enterprise, brand or product level.


Experience Orchestration

Optimize next best actions and offers.

Experience Engine’s no-code program rules management and orchestration provides unrivaled configurability that adapts to your unique business objectives, ensuring the right audience gets the right experience at the right time.

Experience Engine delivers “next best” experiences using configured rules that can be paired with audiences created by proprietary machine learning models to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. These experiences are created in real time from thousands of combinations of events – both transactional and non-transactional – without a single line of new code.