Meet Kobie’s EVP, Innovation: Rachel Bicking

Jan 10, 2024

The Wise Marketer’s Women in Loyalty™ series kicked off 2024 by meeting Rachel Bicking, Kobie’s EVP, Innovation.

Rachel brings a wealth of experience to Kobie, incubating new products and services by harnessing data-driven strategies to drive customer behaviors. The Wise Markter met Rachel a few years ago and noticed immediately that her grasp of the value of customer data and thoughtful approaches to applying technology to leverage that data for the advancement of customer loyalty was unprecedented.

After graduating from Harvard with a BS in Psychology, her career has spanned multiple Solutions Architecture and Customer Intelligence/Insights roles within the loyalty industry. She also admits being a devoted “sneakerhead” and you’ll just have to listen to the interview to hear about her collection.

Women in Loyalty™ 2024 kicks off with Rachel Bicking, EVP Innovation, Kobie Marketing