The Best Loyalty Conferences are Beachside: Kobie Hosts 7th Annual OnPoint Conference

May 2, 2024

This April, Kobie hosted the 7th annual OnPoint Loyalty Conference. Held at the stunning JW Marriott Resort on Clearwater Beach, OnPoint 2024 was a hub for the industry’s brightest minds. Over three days, attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, gained actionable insights, and enjoyed unbeatable beachside networking.

The Focus: Staying Relevant in a Dynamic Landscape 

This year’s OnPoint centered around a critical question: how can data be leveraged across the enterprise, to help grow value through loyalty? Through engaging sessions led by Kobie’s subject matter experts and renowned industry leaders, attendees learned valuable strategies to future-proof their programs.

Sessions and Insights 

OnPoint 2024 offered a unique blend of perspectives. Kobie teammates, who work directly with brands, delivered sessions alongside industry specialists.

  • The latest research breakthroughs: Dr. JR Sluboswki’s session, “Findings from Kobie’s 2024 Research Study,” kickstarted the conference, unveiling the latest industry discoveries.
  • Building loyalty through diversity and inclusion: Ace Callwood’s session, “DE&I is Dead (and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves),” sparked important conversations about fostering diverse perspectives to drive program innovation.
  • Data-driven decision making is essential: Rachel Bicking’s session, “Zero-Waste Data: Why an Enterprise-Wide Data Strategy is THE Way to Win,” emphasized the importance of unified data for a complete customer understanding and personalized experiences.
  • Personalization at every touchpoint: Laura Miller’s presentation, “Determining Personalization Through Every Interaction” explored how to leverage data to deliver personalized experiences across all customer interactions.
  • The human touch in a digital world. Steve Flaming’s session, “Why Human Expertise Remains Critical With the Rise of AI,” highlighted the importance of human expertise in interpreting data and building genuine customer relationships alongside AI.
  • Continuous program monitoring. Chris Barnett and Christine Strowbridge’s presentation, “Mastering Loyalty Health Monitoring for Continuous Program Elevation,” offered a framework for ongoing program monitoring and optimization.
  • Staying ahead of the curve: Katie Cassidy’s session, “Future Focused: Preserving Enterprise Value in a Highly Dynamic Marketplace,” provided attendees with actionable strategies to navigate a shifting landscape.

Featured Speaker 

The Kobie team was honored to welcome Ace Callwood, a renowned expert in facilitation, mediation, and collaborative problem-solving. Ace’s unique perspective, combining his experience as a tech entrepreneur and mediation expertise, shed light on the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of technology and human interaction.

In his session, “DE&I is Dead (and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves),” Ace explored how to build trust, navigate conflict effectively, and leverage diverse perspectives to drive innovation in today’s complex world. Ace also explored the power of diversity, showing attendees how to leverage different perspectives to fuel innovation and even disrupt organizations, in positive ways.

Building Connections Beyond the Sessions 

OnPoint wasn’t only about informative sessions. The intimate setting and dedicated networking time fostered valuable connections and best practice sharing among loyalty leaders from across industries. Speed Networking breakout sessions and beachside receptions provided many opportunities for attendees to connect and engage.

What Attendees Are Saying 

“The overall conference is just amazing,” raved one attendee. “Absolutely the right balance of fun and learning, as well as the perfect length. The entire team is doing an outstanding job!”

Another attendee commented, “All the speakers were VERY engaging! Super valuable use of time and applicable conversation. I personally liked how intimate the conference felt in order to create meaningful connections and dialogue. By far the best conference I’ve been to in my professional career.”

Looking Ahead 

OnPoint 2024 was a resounding success, equipping attendees with the tools and strategies to future-proof their loyalty programs. If you’re interested in learning more about the insights shared at OnPoint, or how Kobie can help you elevate your loyalty program, reach out to our team at