[Infographic] Evolving from a Loyalty Program into an Integrated Loyalty Marketing Strategy

Feb 10, 2016

We want our customers to be loyal, sure. But there are huge differences in approach and effectiveness. Go beyond behavioral, discount-based repeat purchases and dive into their hearts and minds with a strategic but emotional approach. Here are the eight key insights to help you evolve your program from a simple loyalty play to a fully-strategic marketing initiative.

  • Enable Exchange: Drive program value back into your customers’ lives.
  • Transactions: Make transactions, promotions and program benefits fit every customer perfectly.
  • Digital Ecosystem: Get within 1-click of everything digital in your customers’ lives.
  • Lifestyle: Be relevant, meaningful and available
  • Socially Driven: Be the story, not just the story teller. Enable connections. Enable Advocacy.
  • Provide a Journey: Plan for a successful customer journey. Evolve your relationship to be what your customer needs you to be when they need it.
  • Awards Supply: Optimize the cost/benefit ratio.
  • Partners: Enable partnerships for growth.

Evolving from a loyalty program into an integrated loyalty marketing strategy

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