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[Infographic] Evolving from a Loyalty Program into an Integrated Loyalty Marketing Strategy

We want our customers to be loyal, sure. But there are huge differences in approach and effectiveness. Go beyond behavioral, discount-based repeat purchases and dive into their hearts and minds with a strategic but emotional approach. Here are the eight key insights to help you evolve your program from a simple loyalty play to a fully-strategic marketing initiative.

  • Enable Exchange: Drive program value back into your customers’ lives.
  • Transactions: Make transactions, promotions and program benefits fit every customer perfectly.
  • Digital Ecosystem: Get within 1-click of everything digital in your customers’ lives.
  • Lifestyle: Be relevant, meaningful and available
  • Socially Driven: Be the story, not just the story teller. Enable connections. Enable Advocacy.
  • Provide a Journey: Plan for a successful customer journey. Evolve your relationship to be what your customer needs you to be when they need it.
  • Awards Supply: Optimize the cost/benefit ratio.
  • Partners: Enable partnerships for growth.

Evolving from a loyalty program into an integrated loyalty marketing strategy

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