In the Feels: Unveiling the Intrinsic Value of Emotional Loyalty

Feb 14, 2024

This Wise Marketer Strategy Brief (WMSB) goes deep into understanding what the term ‘Emotional Loyalty’ really means for brands that seek the strongest and most trusted relationships with their customers.

The Strategy Brief covers the topics via three segments that together will give you what you need to have a full understanding of this topic and to be able to apply it to your brand and customer strategy.

Our ELS® eBook was developed in collaboration with Dr. JR (Henry) Slubowski, Associate VP, Strategic Consulting at Kobie, who served as a thought partner for much of what you will read. Dr. Slubowski, along with the rest of the Kobie team, has led the creation of intellectual property on the topic of Emotional Loyalty over the past five years or more. With the help of a proprietary Emotional Loyalty Scoring® service, Kobie helps brands understand what motivates their customers to take the guesswork out of loyalty strategy development.

We are excited to share these actionable insights with you! To learn more about how you can leverage Emotional Loyalty, download the eBook or reach us directly.

ELS eBook