What CMOs Should Expect from Their Agency

Jun 6, 2014

Loyalty and the Role of the CMOMichael Hemsey was recently interviewed by Direct Marketing News in an article entitled, Today’s Marketing Agency Must be a Driving Force.  Here is an excerpt from the article with Michael’s view on the evolving role of the agency to meet the needs of modern-day CMOs.

“As CMOs have been tasked to “do more with less” in recent years, they’re looking to agencies (e.g., branding, email, advertising) for more integrated service offerings. In the loyalty industry, CMOs expect their agency to provide a highly flexible and scalable loyalty platform with CRM and advanced analytics capabilities—services that were previously siloed.

CMOs also look to their agency for insights that can guide other marketing initiatives and strategies. This coalescing of services means CMOs can do more to enhance the overall customer experience through an omnichannel lens.

As a result, the services that agencies offer must integrate seamlessly with operations; taking into account employee channels like customer service. Additionally, CMOs should expect their agency to have the ability to interface with existing technology infrastructures, to have a fluid integration that allows marketing leaders to maintain their vital customer and employee data sources.”

Read the full article here: http://www.dmnews.com/todays-marketing-agency-must-be-a-driving-force/article/347799/2/