[Infographic] Using Mobile to Innovate Your Loyalty Program

Apr 2, 2015

mobile infographicWhile mobile innovation is often considered a top priority by business leaders, many brands have yet to maximize mobile’s long-term customer engagement potential. That’s unfortunate as smartphones are ideal loyalty drivers and engagement tools thanks to their unique ability to capture real-time customer insights. This is true for a host of smaller businesses, too. The key is discovering how customers spend their money and time when they’re not in your store. What do the rest of their lives look like and how do those interactions impact what they buy?

With the above in mind, here are three simple, yet important pieces of advice for marketers to consider:

  1. Don’t tear customers away from the engagement path/s they’re already on.
  2. Engaging customers doesn’t mean convincing them to give up their bottom dollar. Focus on providing loyalty experiences that make customers more likely to spend their money at your business versus somewhere else.
  3. Don’t make engagement more difficult. Make it convenient and focus on maximizing those coveted consumer “in-between times.”

Properly engaged, consumers of all ages stand to become customers for life – the ultimate marketing goal. Now is the time to begin courting their loyalty.