The Best Loyalty Conferences are Beachside: Kobie Hosts 6th Annual OnPoint Conference

May 2, 2023

This April, Kobie hosted the 6th annual OnPoint Loyalty Conference. Located at the famous Don CeSar Resort on St. Pete Beach, the mission of OnPoint is to have meaningful discussions around key industry topics and innovative Kobie findings while making lasting connections across industry lines. With a focus on thought leadership, OnPoint shines a spotlight on our industry experts and the Kobie culture, bringing to life the depths of our partnership mentality

“I’ve been to so many conferences and OnPoint truly stands out as the best loyalty conference I’ve attendedThe content, speakers, flow and audience engagement were amazing, and I am so glad that I was able to make the tripI met lots of new friends and learned a lot.” – 2023 brand attendee

3 Days

Each day of the OnPoint experience is curated to bring brands together with a fun mix of informative sessions, interactive workshops, networking, and beachside entertainment. Kicking off with a welcome happy hour, live music, and dinner with an ocean view, we welcomed attendees from across the country and a wide variety of industries. As an exclusive, invite-only event, we made the most of each day by featuring in-depth loyalty content from Kobie subject matter experts, and setting specific time for valuable networking. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, take actionable notes, balance with breaks, and engage with fellow brands as we learn together that the trends and challenges facing leaders in loyalty are relatable and applicable across verticals. 

“I love the vibe that you were able to create: very welcoming, open and interactive. It made it very easy and enjoyable to meet new people and discuss loyalty with them.” – 2023 brand attendee 



Industry Leaders

One of the most valuable aspects of the OnPoint experience is accessibility to fellow Fortune 500 brands in an intentionally intimate setting. Whether you are an existing Kobie client, a potential new one, or a valuable partner, we facilitate conversations and connections in ways that are mutually beneficial. This year, we were joined industry leaders from some of the biggest retail, travel, banking, and QSR brands, all coming together to hear stories of loyalty success, inspiring perspectives, and gather actionable insights to take back to their teams. 


With session content delivered by Kobie teammates who work directly with brand clients, we strike a balance between hearing from executives and subject matter experts. The 2023 agenda began with three perspectives on loyalty – from the consumer, the industry, and the marketer – to provide a 360-degree view on the state of the industry. Then, our “how to” sessions dove specifically into the ways you can translate trends into actions, delivered by Kobie’s technology and strategy experts. To close out the conference, we focused on the future. With two “road ahead” sessions, Kobie’s leading minds from strategy and product delivered future-focused insights to help attendees understand and get excited about our roadmap.

 “Content and presentations [were] wonderful all around. Great presenters and compelling content. Perfect level of detail specialization.” – 2023 brand attendee 

Topics included:

  • Consumer Perspective: Findings from The Loyalty Industry’s Largest Research Study
  • Industry Perspective: How Does Your Program Competitively Stack Up?
  • Marketer’s Perspective: Challenges and Trends Facing Brands (Client Panel)
  • How To: Use Machine Learning to Increase your Loyalty ROI
  • How To: Measure Program Health Beyond your Financial Model
  • How To: Put it All Together Using “The Four Disciplines of Execution” (Keynote)
  • The Road Ahead: Future Proof your Loyalty Strategy by Addressing Four Critical Trends
  • The Road Ahead: A Sneak Peek Into Kobie’s Product Roadmap
  • What it Takes to Maintain Kobie’s Leadership Status in Loyalty (Kobie Panel)



To balance the robust sessions, each day featured an interactive exercise where participants could network and share their unique brand challenges and opportunities with each other. “Speed Dating: Loyalty Edition” gave attendees one-on-one time to meet and chat with fellow leaders in a structured setting. Then, “The Biggest Takeaways” exercise allowed for groups of participants to share real-time feedback with Kobie and each other, discussing the most valuable takeaways. Not only do attendees have ample opportunity to get to know one another during beachside evening events, but we carve out time during the day to ensure the conversations and connections continue to flow while loyalty learnings are top of mind. 

 “Kobie did a good job connecting people at the conference, so I think I made the most of the connections I was looking to.” – 2023 brand attendee 

Keynote Speaker

Chris McChesney is a best-selling author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution®, the world’s most popular book on Strategy Execution. He is the Global Practice Co.® Leader of Execution for FranklinCovey, (does the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, ring a bell?), and for more than a decade has led FranklinCovey’s ongoing design and development of these principles, as well as the consulting organization that has achieved extraordinary growth in many countries around the globe and impacted hundreds of organizations. 

For those who are constantly caught in a whirlwind of daily competing priorities, this keynote session spoke to the challenges every team deals with. Chris McChesney’s Four Disciplines of Execution® are designed to create a winnable game, giving organizations the power to execute their most important goals in the face of competing priorities and distractions. 

Known for his high energy and engaging message, Chris has become a highly sought-after speaker, consultant, and advisor on strategy execution. We were honored to have Chris join us, and to offer OnPoint attendees the opportunity to hear from one of the best execution masterminds in the business. 

Co-created Experience:

One of the biggest trends in loyalty today is co-creation and choice. So, to practice what we preach, OnPoint gave attendees the ability to co-create the conference experience through gamification. With QR codes placed throughout the conference and in the printed agenda, the more you scanned and participated, the more chances you had to influence some fun sessions and win a special prize. From learning what your unique conference persona is, to voting on your favorite song for the live musician to play, we used first party data to inform aspects of the experience. We even asked a few questions about spice tolerance and flavor preferences to influence Bram and Marti’s special “Hot Ones” session (our loyalty version of the celebrity pop-culture trend)!

If you’d like more information on the OnPoint experience for 2024, or access to conference content, reach our team at