Suffering from Low Customer Engagement?

Feb 10, 2014

Is your loyalty program suffering from low customer engagement?   David Andreadakis, VP of Loyalty Strategy at Kobie Marketing shares tips and tricks for identifying gaps in the customer experience and reigniting customer interest in a recent article featured in Entrepreneur magazine.  The article discusses some of the most important aspects of driving program engagement and brand loyalty spanning topics such as: shopping habits, loyalty program perceived value, communications channels, offers and rewards, tiering, customer buying habits and behavior changes (such as customers shifting to less expensive products or changes to the frequency of their in-store visits).  You’ve spent a tremendous amount of time building your loyalty program.  Unfortunately, loyalty programs have a life cycle much like products or companies do.  It might be time for a refresh.

It’s important to find genuine ways to engage and excite your members to keep them coming back for years to come.    Think of it like building a relationship or strengthening a marriage.  It’s not going to fix itself.  Let us help you reignite the spark.  Contact us at  We’re here to help.