Pampers, Points and Mommy Moments that Matter

Jul 17, 2015

Pampers, Points and Mommy Moments that MatterA Mother’s Perspective

That magical moment when you finally start paying attention to Pampers and Enfamil commercials has arrived. Congratulations, you’re a new parent. Now you’re ready to engage with brands you never knew existed. Are you ready for your next Mommy Moment?

The first instant you become a mom, which for most women is the instant you’re gripped with joy (then maybe panic), one thing is for sure, you have a lot to do to prepare for this major life change. Following this discovery, primitive instinct launches you immediately into planning attack mode where you are met with choices on topics you can’t even imagine: What kind of diapers will you use? Formula vs. breastfeeding? Bjorn vs. Moby? No matter what, marketers have a distinct advantage to deliver a Mommy Moment:

Mommy Moment [mom-ee]  [moh-muh nt] noun

a definite point in time or period in which a brand successfully engage and earn the loyalty of mothers for their product or service

Even during pregnancy, we are at our most emotional and influential state, always wanting to ensure we are making the best decisions for our children’s well being. Products that boast the highest nutrition, care and quality will inevitably win out. Brands that are able to reach parents on an emotional level will have the advantage to connect with these specific consumers unlike any other demographic. Therefore, understanding parents at each stage will assist in delivering a relevant, personalized and engaging experience while leveraging technology and Omnichannel integration to reach them during those late night feedings or midnight diaper runs.

Brands That Get It… Almost

Enfamil, Similac and Pampers do a great job capturing the babies’ lifecycle to offer parents some tips and age appropriate product recommendations based on the information the parent provides upon registration, but there are limitations. There is still an opportunity to capture customer specific data to provide a more robust experience. Understanding frequency, purchases and even website click-throughs can help marketers monetize those moments more effectively to drive desired behaviors. Although programs like Pampers Rewards reward members for each unique code entered, there is still a disconnect in the overall experience. Offering parents the ability to interact with the brand in store with mobile push communications or coupons would be beneficial to parents who are most likely already overwhelmed. Manually entering 15 digit codes can be cumbersome and may hinder engagement after a period of time while mobile scans with relevant offers could potentially drive additional purchases.

Enfamil Family Beginnings also provides new parents with baby swag, formula coupons and tips, but there is again an inability to track purchase behavior or brand engagement. Mobile application integration and scans would allow Enfamil to collect valuable customer data and create communications strategies to nurture those relationships.

How Brands Can Monetize Mommy Moments

There is a tangible value for a well-integrated, technology enabled program. Converting occasional Pampers and Enfamil purchasers into brand advocates can assist with retention and acquisition through customer referrals. The cost of purchasing customer data through 3rd parties or implementing strategies without data can have negative impacts to marketing budgets. A parent who is well engaged can provide metrics that are needed for monitoring program performance such as purchase frequency, average spend, click-through, email conversion, etc. Each moment and personalized experience marketers offer has a cost and a value. Marketers who strive to monetize personalized and relevant offers and/or communications that are tied directly to a strategy rather than pushing generic emails will build a more meaningful relationship with those customers.

I’m ready for my next Mommy Moment, are you?


Jillian Setzer is a mother of twins, August and Eve.