Macy’s: Getting into the Omnichannel Loyalty Spirit

Dec 20, 2012

Getting into the Omnichannel Loyalty SpiritLoyalty marketers are making a list of their top tier customers…and they’re checking it twice. Who is naughty and who is loyal…or nice?

Omnichannel loyalty is an enterprise level initiative to drive, track, measure and reward incremental behavior through the integration of marketing, technology and customer experience. This holiday season, retailers are decking the halls and their channels with promotions everywhere you look. Cross channel marketing is on the rise this year with in-store communications, Facebook promotions and coupons, email and website campaigns, Point-Of-Sale coupons and communications, mobile app and text savings, and so on. Stores like Macy’s are spreading good omnichannel cheer by optimizing channel offerings and providing customers access to deals at every touch point.

Find Macy’s Everywhere!

Customers can now download apps like Shopkick and collect rewards upon visiting a Macy’s store. In addition, customers can benefit from partner offers from Old Navy, Best Buy and Target. That should cover everyone on your list! Partnership marketing is a great tool to gain new customers in other markets while also adding value to your current member base. Apps like Shopkick provide customers with location-based rewards no matter where they are.

Macy’s is also offers savings with their app and/or through SMS text integration. Customers simply text APP or JOIN to a short code and they are instantly opted in to insider deals, sales and discounts.

Don’t think they forgot about you, website shoppers. As always, free shipping and other perks are found throughout the website. Sign up for emails and get 15% off on top of great deals in addition to providing opportunities for marketers to communicate with loyal customers.

Social and Gamification

Macy’s fans are also encouraged to get on Facebook  to learn about in-store events, check out the latest trends, sales and exclusive offers, and participate in instant win games and sweepstakes. Macy’s gamification component isn’t as robust as other retailers who have really gone no holds barred with badges, leaderboards, etc., but enough to entice even the least game savvy shopper.

Macy’s has saturated every channel to ensure that customers can access Macy’s anytime, anywhere. After reviewing the top retailers, Macy’s really out did itself, excelling past Target and Best Buy in Omnichannel utilization. From social media, to mobile, to location based and e-commerce rewards, Macy’s omnichannel marketing goes above and beyond.

Macy’s has an opportunity to integrate these elements into their existing Macy’s Star Rewards loyalty program and reward customers for utilizing the various channels, thus gaining valuable insight into customer behaviors while developing their consumer relationships further. By having silo-ed channels, they could be missing out on communication and retention strategies than they would with a more integrated solution. I look forward to seeing how Macy’s will maintain and evolve their current omnichannel strategy. As Charles Dickens once said, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”