Kobie Unveils New Branding That Reflects the Heart of Evolving Consumers

Dec 21, 2022

Kobie Marketing, a globally recognized industry leader in loyalty technology and services, unveiled new branding today that mirrors the ethos of the growing marketing agency and the evolving consumers they reach through loyalty.

“Kobie’s 32-year history as a privately-held, family-owned company affords us the opportunity to focus intently on the changing needs of brands and their consumers,” said Kobie CEO and Owner, Bram Hechtkopf. “Global brands rely on our expertise to fuel their growth and long-term success, and we recognize that capturing the heart of the consumer is ultimately what drives that growth.”

Inspired by the proven connection between emotional loyalty, brand love and profitability, a new Kobie identity has now emerged, highlighting the heart of the consumer at the center of the brand.

Noteworthy rebranding elements include a new logo reflecting the heart brandmark, a forward focus on Kobie’s mission of “Growing Enterprise Value Through Loyalty”, a modern color palette, and a heart-inspired visual representation of Kobie’s Loyalty Services and Kobie’s Technology solution, Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud.

With early roots in direct marketing, Kobie has evolved into an end-to-end loyalty technology and services provider, delivering quantifiable value through loyalty solutions. Partnering with some of the world’s most recognizable brands has led Kobie to be named a leader in loyalty six times by Forrester over the past decade.

“We take being a leader in the loyalty industry seriously,” said Marti Beller, Kobie President. “This is an exciting evolution of our brand identity that reflects the essence behind what drives our leading position in the loyalty market.”

For more on the Kobie rebrand, check out kobie.com/brand 

To learn about Kobie’s leading loyalty technology and services, visit www.kobie.com or email info@kobie.com

About Kobie

As a trusted partner for more than 30 years, Kobie delivers market-leading, end-to-end loyalty solutions designed to enable customer experiences for the world’s most successful brands. With a strategy-led, technology-enabled approach, Kobie is consistently named an industry leader by Forrester with a mission of growing enterprise value through loyalty for clients.

Reaching more than 330 million consumers through loyalty, Kobie’s solutions are robust, but our philosophy is simple. The thoughtful design of proven solutions coupled with extensible, scalable, and configurable technology leads to a seamless customer experience. We bring strategic tools and frameworks to design programs that deliver results, and leverage our proprietary technology, Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud, to deliver and measure loyalty experiences. To learn more about partnering with Kobie, visit www.kobie.com