[Infographic] The Value of Customer Data

Mar 4, 2016

Now, more than ever, data enables marketers to connect with and gain a complete picture of their Omnichannel consumers. In fact, 87% of marketers today, versus 46% two year ago, consider data to be the most underutilized asset in their marketing organization.

A loyalty program can help you collect, connect and take action on many forms of data, such as:

  • Customer preferences
  • Transaction history
  • CRM data
  • Voice of the customer data
  • Campaign engagement
  • Social and mobile engagement
  • Behavioral data

Actionable data will help you:

  • Foster customer engagement across channels
  • Gain an enterprise view of the cross-brand shopper
  • Get a 360-degree brand-centric view of the customer
  • Bridge the gap between online and offline behaviors
  • Reduce marketing spend through smarter segmentation

Leading brands use data to create better brand experiences and increase revenue and profit.

  • Leaders vs Laggards are:
    • 3x more likely to achieve competitive advantage by turning data into insights that are accessible across the organization
    • 6x more likely to increase profitability by understanding their most profitable customers and treating them differently
    • 3x more likely to increase revenues by making smarter, more relevant decisions about customer purchase behavior at the most granular level
    • 5x more likely to retain customers through enhanced experiences, relevant offers, rewards and customized communications

Leverage your data to assist with:

  • Customer acquisition through referrals
    • 78% report increased performance: conversion and acquisition
    • Retailers report
      • 52% increase in new customers
      • 55% increase in customer loyalty
      • 31% increase in customer satisfaction
    • Measure all customer and business KPIs
      • From basket size and in-store visit frequency to member Omnichannel engagement
      • Influence buying decisions, cross-sell and upsell opportunities
      • Decipher patterns and predict behaviors
        • Connect the “who” with the “why” to drive brand affinity
      • Drive more accurate and efficient marketing spend
        • Stop “trusting your gut”
          • 50% of marketers “trust their gut” on marketing spend
        • Instead, utilize data to
          • Identify and engage customers with greatest incremental potential
            • Avoid over-investing in the “wrong” customers
            • Avoid under-investing in the “right” customers
          • Identify low or no-cost ways to drive loyalty and reward customers
            • Create more profitable campaigns and promotions
              • 47% report data has impacted targeting strategies
              • 58% extend or repeat successful campaigns
              • 47% of leaders alter active campaigns based on real-time data and analytics vs just 13% of laggards

So, are you a leader or a laggard? We specialize in both keeping loyalty leaders at the top of their totem and evolving brands that have let their technologies and innovations slip behind the competition. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, Kobie can help raise your loyalty program, and the data it gathers, to the next level.

Kobie Branding of TJX Infographics - Value of Customer Data

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