[Infographic] The Empowered and Always Addressable Consumer

Jan 13, 2016

When it comes to business, who has all the power? Surprise, it’s not your major conglomerate. It’s the consumer. In fact, they have more power than ever with real-time access to information than retailers do about competitor offers and pricing, online reviews, social media and everything else imaginable about your brand, products and services. And they use this insight to base their purchase decisions. The old adage, ‘buyer be informed,’ has come to life. And it’s not going away.
Today’s marketer knows that a single or multi-channel focus isn’t enough to drive brand loyalty. Consumers want to be engaged across multiple touch points, multiple devices and throughout their entire customer journey. Take it from those who are doing it well:

  • 51% of retailers with over 4.5% YOY store/channel sales growth believe a good customer experience in one channel is not enough to maintain customer loyalty.

The customer journey isn’t linear, either. Making your marketing efforts even more challenging. It’s more important than ever to demolish those internal business silos with their own agendas. In today’s retail world, channels must complement one another:

  • 77% percent of consumers expect retailers to provide a consistent experience for their in-store and online channels.

Let’s repeat that. A consistent experience. No matter where or when they encounter your brand and products. Your look, voice, offers, incentives, quality of service/merchandise, all need to be unwavering. Every. Single. Day.

The Empowered Always Addressable Consumer

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