[Infographic] Investing in Your Loyalty Marketing Strategy

Feb 17, 2016

You’re making the case for a new loyalty program, or analyzing the budget for the program your brand is already running, and you need to make some spend-tweaks. We understand. And it’s actually a good thing. Now is the perfect time to reassess what you should be spending your precious marketing dollars on, what you shouldn’t be wasting money on, and what you need to pump more funds into. Here’s a quick checklist of loyalty program budgeting do’s and don’ts:

Spend more on:

  • Integrating customer data sources
  • Building predictive algorithms
  • Developing multidimensional views of customers
  • Experience maps for point-in-time relevance
  • Touch point-specific behavior analysis
  • Persona creation
  • Identifying the moments that matter
  • Post-sales engagement
  • Content calendars aligned with business priorities
  • Sharable, trackable, utility-focused content

Spend less on:

  • One-shot mailing list purchases
  • Personalization without customer value
  • Mass emails
  • Inflexible content management systems
  • Knee-jerk collateral creation
  • Mass advertising
  • Single-channel-driven creative
  • Reach-and impression-based metrics

Investing in your loyalty marketing strategy

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Forrester Research: Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer via: http://solutions.forrester.com/Global/FileLib/Reports/Competitive_Strategy_In_The_Age_Of_The_Customer.pdf

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