How Kobie Used Consumer Research to Build Victoria’s Secret a Winning Loyalty Program

Mar 26, 2024

Watch the full webinar here: Get in on the Secret!

This webinar, part of the CRMC Webinar series, dives deep into the success story of Victoria’s Secret‘s (VS) new & PINK Rewards program. You’ll learn how Kobie’s consumer validation research, alongside other loyalty design tools, played a pivotal role in its development.

Facing a Changing Landscape
Founded in 1977, VS recognized the need to evolve alongside its customers. To maintain a strong connection and reflect their shifting values, VS sought a deeper understanding of their audience’s desires and expectations.

Enter Kobie!
Hosted by Wise Marketer Group CMO Aaron Dauphinee, the webinar features an insightful conversation between VS’s Director of Loyalty & Credit, Chelsea Martin, and Kobie’s Director of Strategic Consulting, Marie DeLeo. They’ll explore how VS, in collaboration with Kobie, leveraged strategic consumer validation research.

The learnings gleaned from this research significantly impacted VS’s approach to their new loyalty program before its pilot launch in early 2023. Notably, the research helped VS:

  • Balance the needs of existing Co-Brand and Private Label cardholders with the appeal of a free loyalty program for value-conscious consumers.
  • Merge PINK and Victoria’s Secret under one program umbrella, creating a more streamlined and cohesive experience.
  • Address considerations regarding credit cardholder membership and its impact on program enrollment and engagement.

The webinar will showcase how VS, guided by Kobie’s expertise, optimized their loyalty strategy, leading to the creation of the impactful VS & PINK Rewards program.