Genuine Customer Experience Is Back For Seconds

Mar 28, 2013

From pizza delivery chains like Domino’s to the Blue Heron, a small restaurant in the Connecticut River Valley, eateries large and small are finding new and innovative ways to use mobile technology and social media to help foster a more genuine customer experience. Rather than being “talked at,” diners are increasingly being “spoken to” in real time with timely and relevant offers.

Of course, “love can’t be automatic.” That’s how Ramon De Leon, a former delivery guy turned social media Social Media, Customer experience, mobile, loyalty programsmarketing director for a six-store Domino’s franchise in Chicago, would put it. This is why restaurateurs must always be learning and always experimenting with new customer engagement and loyalty initiatives.

You can discover the details of those customer engagement campaigns in my recent article “Genuine Customer Experience Is Back For Seconds,” published in FSR Magazine. Genuine customer experiences might be back for seconds, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for restaurant loyalty program dessert.

Bon appétit, enjoy the article and give us your feedback in the space below. What is your restaurant doing and what can others do to improve their customers’ experience either through traditional, social or mobile loyalty initiatives?