Introducing the new Kobie brand


As the world and consumers change,

we adapt.

Inspired by the connection between emotional loyalty, brand love, and our mission, a new Kobie identity has emerged, highlighting the heart of the consumer at the center of our brand.

While some things change, our mission remains the same:

Growing Enterprise Value Through Loyalty

Kobie’s 32-year history as a privately-held, family owned company affords us the opportunity to focus intently on the changing needs of brands and their consumers. Global brands rely on our expertise to fuel their growth and long-term success, and we recognize that capturing the heart of the consumer is ultimately what drives that growth.

Bram Hechtkopf
Kobie CEO

Our Visuals:

Noteworthy rebrand elements include a new logo reflecting a heart brand mark, a forward focus on Kobie’s mission of “Growing Enterprise Value Through Loyalty”, a modern color palette, and a heart-inspired visual representation of Kobie Loyalty Services and Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud.

Full Logo

Abbreviated Logo

Strategy Led +

Technology Enabled


Strategy-led, technology-enabled, and seamlessly interconnected, everything we do leads back to brand love. That’s why the heart carriers over into our product visual identity.

Our New Color Palette

Nobody is like Kobie, so our color palette friendly, complimentary, and personal – just like us.

Our Values

Loyalty starts at home, and our values come from within.


We believe in getting sh*t done


We share an ability to dig deep


We leverage our expertise to the max

We thrive on continuous learning


We get that the small stuff is also the big stuff

We ensure that everyone has a voice