Strategy-led, Tech Enabled

Our solutions are robust, but our philosophy is simple. The thoughtful design of proven solutions on the front end, coupled with extensible, configurable technology leads to a seamless customer experience. Our ability to drive enterprise value through a strategy-led, technology enabled approach to loyalty creates a cycle of continuous improvement for the brands we call partners.

Kobie Named a Forrester Leader

Kobie has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Loyalty Technology Solutions, Q1 2023 Report.

In its evaluation, Forrester noted "with a full suite of technical and strategic services, Kobie offers some of the strongest services support in this evaluation."


We know the best loyalty solutions are backed by a sound strategy, so if you’re questioning if your program is working to its full potential, here’s your sign that you may need Kobie’s strategic toolkit. Our toolkit unlocks the answers to how your program stacks up against competitors, what drives your consumers’ behaviors, how to drive meaningful, profitable engagement, and how to create long term brand loyalty. 

Your customers’ transactions are a lagging indicator of your marketing success. We look beyond the transaction to customers’ behaviors, determining emotional motivators through our proprietary Emotional Loyalty Scoring® tool. Most companies see emotional loyalty only as an outcome, but we see it as a critical input in determining how to engage customers most effectively. 

We pair our understanding from ELS® with our Loyalty Assessment tool to benchmark your program, our Loyalty Drivers Framework to determine how/where to invest, and our Financial Modeling practice to measure the impact of your solution.

To understand more about the impact of knowing emotional motivations of consumers through our Proprietary ELS tool, take a look at our research insights.


Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud (KALC)

KALC is a marketing technology platform built to deliver a custom version of the program your brand needs through configuration and extensibility. Deliberately designed to provide an end-to-end solution for customer data management, rules/offer decisioning, customer experience delivery and program measurement/insights, brands can use the entire platform with ease, or parts of it through seamless integration with your existing marketing ecosystem.

We leverage the deep expertise needed within our various industries served; retail, banking, travel, telecom and more, to deliver cross-industry features and insights that drive industry leading, innovative programs. KALC easily integrates with partners and existing martech ecosystems, auto-scales as you grow, and generates robust program data that fuels the cycle of continuous improvement and incremental ROI.

Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud delivers what marketers need:

Decisioning: Kobie Alchemy® Experience Engine

Real-time decisioning platform with unrivaled speed and scalability orchestrates and determines optimized, next best customer actions.​

Delivery: Kobie Alchemy® Producer

Seamless loyalty-experience touch-points and delivery channels fueling personalized journeys.​

Measurement: Kobie Alchemy® Compass

Learning platform leveraging business intelligence and analytics to measure and drive program performance.​

Data: Kobie Alchemy® Signal Cloud

Data repository built to collect transactional, emotional, and behavioral data, producing holistic loyalty profiles.