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Imagine everything you need to grow and manage your brand’s loyalty efforts in one place. Well, that’s exactly what we offer. Our two-part product suite makes it easy to create a customized solution for your brand. Coupled together, our Kobie Loyalty Cloud and Business Accelerator Services have everything you need to help your brand increase enterprise value through loyalty.

Kobie Loyalty Cloud

Whether you’re in marketing, program management, customer service or the C-suite, the Kobie Loyalty Cloud is the ultimate toolset to design, manage, measure and optimize your loyalty efforts. The KLC consists of two sets of modules. Marketing modules offer the ability to create the rich, rewarding experiences that drive desired behaviors all along the customer journey. And consumer modules enable customers to interact directly with your program and brand, providing customer support and fulfillment capabilities. The Kobie Loyalty Cloud is powered not only by transactional behaviors, but also by the emotional connections and interactions between your customers and your brand.

Within the KLC, you’ll find Kobie Alchemy® X, as well as a number of third-party and partner extensions that power deep integration capabilities.

Kobie Alchemy X

Kobie Alchemy® X is our next gen, real-time loyalty platform. It’s built upon the newest and most innovative technology, combining all the very best features of a loyalty platform to power your customers’ experience, setting you up for now and in the future.

No need to be a developer
No need to be a developer

With a series of rules, Alchemy X is designed to make it easy for you to cater to your brand and customer’s needs. There’s no need to code or develop, as you’re able to custom build each time you need something configured – and you are able to respond to the market needs very quickly. All configurations can be tested, making this a best-in-class feature.

Drive Seamless Connections
Drive Seamless Connections

Kobie Alchemy X is a very flexible platform and makes it easy to extend different operations within the platform. With over 600 fine and coarse grain APIs, it’s easy to integrate partners and you’re able to perform some of the most basic loyalty operations all the way up to very customized operations without the custom development.

The system that grows as much as you grow

Kobie Alchemy X hosts some of the largest programs in the US with some of the most complex feature combinations, as well as platforms with 200 thousand members. With a cloud-based architecture, Alchemy X will respond to demand very easily through auto-scaling and self-healing options, thereby managing multitudes of needs, data and unlimited customer interactions.

We're experts in your area

With clients spanning multiple industries, Alchemy X’s design demands focus around the customer lifecycle, not just the program lifecycle. Coupled with our guiding principles around extensibility and scale, Alchemy X is poised to serve the broadest set of clients and customer journeys.

Built for you by us

Alchemy X allows you to integrate with our analytics – using best-in-class science, we take disparate sources of data and make them actionable for the marketer. The Customer Data Mart gives you strong methods within our platform allowing for overall analytics, personalization and campaigning.

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Loyalty at your service.

Business Accelerator Services.

There’s more to Kobie than the Kobie Loyalty Cloud. Engage with us and get access to a full suite of Business Accelerator Services, providing expert support in critical areas like Emotional Loyalty Scoring, loyalty fraud prevention, analytics and customer experience design. Our services are available even if you don’t use the KLC – but the real synergy happens when we bring all of our assets together.

Business Accelerated Services.

Strategy & Insights

Kobie’s consultancy is an objective practice dedicated to helping you develop, implement and optimize the best possible loyalty strategies. We partner with your brand to chart and execute long-term vision, and deliver a compelling customer experience that fosters loyalty and increases lifetime value.

Platform Agnostics
Platform Agnostic

Our consultants assess your loyalty and customer engagement opportunities and challenges from an agnostic perspective; with focus on strategy. Whether you have an existing program needing optimization, or you need a program design from scratch, we will partner with you to align on the right strategy. In some cases, the answer might be an enterprise strategy that doesn’t include a classic points-and-rewards program.

Understand before you commit

Launching a loyalty program is a major commitment. Kobie’s experienced staff is here to help you evaluate your options and understand what kind of customer engagement effort is right for your brand. We’re here to help you understand the strategic, operational and financial implications of various approaches, so you can make well-informed decisions before making a major investment in loyalty.

Emotional Loyalty Scoring

Loyalty is all about the customer experience; which leverage both behavioral and emotional motivators. We’ve identified three specific drivers of emotional loyalty: status, habit and reciprocity. And we’ve developed a unique, proprietary methodology to score your customer base and provide insight into how to motivate each individual.

Experience is an understatement

Kobie’s consultants average over twenty years of experience each. That’s a lot of customer engagement experience! We’ve built a staff with diverse backgrounds in agency, consulting and client environments across many verticals. We’re proud that our team is recognized as thought leaders throughout the loyalty marketing world.

Consulting Capabilities
  • Emotional Loyalty Scoring (ELS®)
  • Persona Development
  • Journey Mapping
  • Liability Mitigation
  • Financial Modeling
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • Research
  • POVs
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Program Design
  • Program Optimization
Business Accelerated Services.

Digital & Customer Experience

Your program should be a seamless extension of your brand. Our award-winning, in-house agency can help develop your program’s customer-facing assets across channels and devices. Together we’ll help you outthink your competition and apply our creative thinking across your entire loyalty program and journey.

In house agency

Outsourcing your creative needs is tough. You have to have meetings to discuss what your goals are, your brand standards, your loyalty program initiatives…. well not here. Providing an in-house Creative Agency means we already have a full understanding of your brand. It’s seamless. We’re able to join weekly status meetings and offer suggestions along the way. We make it easy for you.

90 plus awards and counting

It’s a fact. Our Creative Agency has won over 90 awards in the past 5 years… and we’re still going. We take your project, provide guidance and expertise and give you something that was even more than what you were expecting. We have the tools to take your projects to the next level. When you win, we win.

Dedicated resources

We’re more than just a Creative Agency. We offer a dedicated Copywriter, Designer, Project Manager, Front-end Developer, Web Designer and more. If you can dream it, we can make it come to life with our full-service team.

Customer experience and loyalty focused

We understand loyalty and customer experience – it’s what we do on a day-to-day basis. We’re able to provide you with what your customers want to expect from a loyalty program, how to best promote your program and what assets are the best to use.

Creative Capabilities
  • Branding
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Copywriting
  • Front End Development
  • Video Production
  • User Experience
Business Accelerated Services.

Analytics & Campaign Management

This team turns data into dollars – capturing every important member transaction and moment – turning their behaviors into program insights that can be analyzed, capitalized, reinforced and repeated. Our analytics team supports reporting, testing and campaign management, so you can have a game-changing program experience.

Macine Learning

Our investments in machine learning and AI is where it matters most; executing and enhancing the customer journey. Using a combination of best-in-class tools and member tools, we take disparate sources of data and make them actionable for the marketer at every stage in the journey.

Integrate our tools

We partner with campaign management companies to leverage the very best loyalty data and data science to drive customer interactions. Our strategy teams use data and best practices to design the complex campaigns to support the Customer Journey. These campaigns leverage The Customer Pulse (our in-house data mart) in real time for relevancy and dynamic orchestration of events.

Data driven journey mapping
Data-Driven Journey Mapping

A lot of companies use data to create a better customer journey map for each of their personas, but we go one step further and apply machine learning to all of that information and create actionable insight for you and your customers. We take a complicated, content heavy experience and show you the emotional impact the program may have and highlight key moments throughout your customer’s loyalty journey. This insight will help you visualize your program in order to identify program strategy, design and optimization.

Analytics and Campaign management capabilities
Analytics & Campaign Management Capabilities
  • Emotional Loyalty Scoring (ELS® )
  • Campaign Management
  • Data-Driven Journey Mapping
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Dashboards
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Ongoing Analysis & Reporting


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