4 Key Pillars of Kobie’s 2022 Consumer Research

Dec 18, 2022

Kobie’s 2022 Consumer Loyalty Research Study was timed to understand pandemic related changes in consumer attitudes and preferences towards purchase behavior and interactions with loyalty programs from their favorite brands.

The Kobie Marketing 2022 Consumer Research Study


One of the principal authors of this research is Dr. JR Slubowski, AVP Strategic Consulting at Kobie. In this interview with Wise Marketer, JR shares what motivated the research, provides an overview of Kobie’s approach to Emotional Loyalty and covers four key pillars of this research. To begin, JR frames this research as critically important to understand the consumer landscape coming out of the pandemic, a landscape that he says is likely to be forever altered, and not just in loyalty but in business overall. Join us for a great discussion of consumer behavior in uncharted territories.

Time stamps for the conversation are included below to help you navigate to the parts of the interview you find most interesting.


2:35 – What motivated this research and what key questions were you investigating?

4:59 – The holy grail – what do consumers want from loyalty programs?

6:18 – Kobie’s approach to Emotional Loyalty (ELS)

11:05 – Research pillar #1 – The connection between emotion and loyalty

18:23 – Research pillar #2 – Redefining the concept of Value

21:30 – Research pillar #3 – Pain and Forgiveness

25:25 – Research pillar #4 – Advocacy

29:55 – How to learn more about The Kobie Marketing 2022 consumer research report

Reach out to info@kobie.com to learn how the four key research pillars can apply to your brand’s loyalty strategy.