Consumer Loyalty Research Study

Kobie surveyed tens of thousands of consumers to better understand their loyalty program preferences as we emerged from COVID. Key industries such as travel, banking, retail, entertainment, and more were segmented as the pandemic impacted each set of consumers in unique ways, creating one of the largest in-depth loyalty studies in the industry.

Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative survey techniques, the 10,000+ research participants revealed impactful findings around the connection between brand and loyalty program NPS (Net Promoter Scores), stock sharing, values alignment, interest rates, supply chain and more as hot post-pandemic topics.

With the study aligned around Kobie’s strategic tools, the survey also dialed in on consumer attitudes and behaviors around rewards, uncovering what they want most out of their loyalty programs so brands can stop assuming.

“When we asked consumers from each industry if they would be willing to spend more if their loyalty program was fitting their specific needs,” said Kobie President, Marti Beller, “we found more than 65% said yes.

Kobie’s strategic toolkit including Emotional Loyalty Scoring®, Loyalty Drivers and Financial Modeling are positioned to directly address what these findings mean for your brand, and drive incremental value through your loyalty program. To learn more about Kobie’s Retail Consumer Loyalty Research Study, which unveiled at the Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC), download some of the key takeaways by completing this form.

Download Retail Insights from Kobie’s Consumer Loyalty Research