Brand Strategy

A roadmap for your brand loyalty

Align key loyalty stakeholders and stand out from the rest with a deep understanding of what drives loyalty and the competitive landscape. Our strategists use a differentiated set of frameworks to construct a roadmap to build strong brand loyalty. We hinge on our ability to competitively assess your program with decades of loyalty experience across multiple industries. We know from our proprietary Loyalty Drivers framework that the six measures that most impact your brand loyalty are brand affinity, product value, rewards, convenience, special access, and personalization.


How we build your competitive loyalty roadmap

Loyalty Drivers Workshop

Kobie uses our proprietary Loyalty Drivers framework to assess and develop loyalty strategy. The Drivers are based on universal and fundamental consumer loyalty insights we have discovered from 30+ years of experience across financial institutions, retail, travel, entertainment, and more. We are asked to speak around the world about the Loyalty Drivers and lead discussions on how to use them to ideate, prioritize, and most importantly, align key loyalty stakeholders.

Loyalty Assessment

The Loyalty Assessment tool scores 135+ key loyalty and experience elements for over 250 programs from the consumer’s perspective. This framework helps competitively evaluate where your program ranks against market leaders and your competitors. Assessment results inform crucial program design decisions that can help position your program better in market.

Enhanced with ELS

The insights from ELS how your customers are emotionally motivated by your brand inform and enhance how we apply the Loyalty Drivers. They increase the focus and prominence of the drivers that matter most to maximize ROI of your loyalty investment. For example, if ELS® indicates that your customers are highly motivated by Habit, the sub-drivers under Convenience need to be top notch. If your customers are highly motivated by Status, the sub-drivers under Special Access needs to be a key area of focus. And, if your customers are highly motivated by Reciprocity, the sub-drivers under Personalization matter most.



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