28 Loyalty Tips: What We’ve Learned After 28 Years in Loyalty

Sep 18, 2018

As Kobie celebrates our 28th anniversary, we looked back and put together a list of 28 loyalty tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years.
Some of our advice is timeless, while others are part of the current loyalty landscape. Keep reading below for insights and strategies that you can apply to your loyalty and customer experience journey. If you want to learn more about specific topics, simply click on each link!

  1. Construct a robust financial model
  2. Know what a loyalty program can and cannot do for you
  3. Understand that keeping it simple for the customer may not always be simple for the marketer
  4. Keep it fun
  5. Be sure to know the major opportunities for program gaming or fraud
  6. Optimizing program liability has to start with program design
  7. Consider co-creation to build engagement opportunities
  8. Don’t write off a fee-based loyalty program
  9. Consider a multi-tender approach
  10. Focus on curation over quantity
  11. Alignment is key
  12. Understand your customers may span across multiple segments
  13. Make a memorable experience for you customer
  14. Use your community to make a difference
  15. Connect with your best customer
  16. Make it personalized for your specific market
  17. Think beyond designing just for the average customer
  18. Create a seamless extension of your brand
  19. Determine optimal customer contact frequency
  20. Listen to your customers
  21. Create moments that matter at every touchpoint
  22. Think beyond ordinary, integrate new technology innovations for your brand
  23. Leverage hidden assets as program benefits
  24. Keep up to meet the ever-changing expectations
  25. Make sure to consider more than just customer acquisition
  26. Use information as a reward
  27. Make your customer the hero in a B2B environment
  28. Understand when customers could feel betrayed by a program transition

Building and improving your loyalty program should be a priority and one of the most important aspects for your brand. Remember, it’s not always about the major projects and financial straining commitments, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. If you’re interested in learning more about how to design, build, support or optimize a loyalty program email us at info@kobie.com.