Webinar: Maximizing your first-party data activation strategy with AMC Theatres 

Mar 12, 2023

AMC’s business has gone through a dramatic transformation over the past 24 months as the entertainment industry recovered from the pandemic. Join Carrie Trotter, VP of Loyalty, CRM and Partnerships, as she discusses how AMC’s mindset and business discipline around how to capture and activate first-party data has evolved to future-proof their business. AMC has developed a rigorous process to marry transactional, emotional, and behavioral data which they leverage as inputs to design strategy changes and outputs to measure success.

Examples of how this Triple Play Data collection and activation come to life include launching an innovative Investor Connect community based on social media engagement, conducting primary research on how to enhance the Stubs experience in theatres, and introducing a new entertainment Credit Card that rewards members on the categories that matter most to them.

Wendy Culpepper, Kobie’s Chief Customer Officer, joins Carrie in discussing how brands can implement a Triple Play Data strategy that takes their data collection and activation to the next level. Watch now!