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Kobie Marketing Unveils Blog, The Muse: A Loyalty Experience

St. Petersburg, FL (June 6, 2011) – Kobie Marketing, a recognized leader in the loyalty marketing industry, unveiled a new blog today called “The Muse: A Loyalty Experience” at The blog will be populated with posts from many employees within the Kobie organization, their clients and partners, and will focus on the evolving dialogue about customer experience and how it impacts business results.

More than just a destination for the loyalty marketing industry, the blog intends to widen the discussion about delivering on the customer experience in a variety of markets and situations. Topics will cover retail, telecom, hospitality, financial services and the consumer products industries from the perspective of the customer and those responsible for enhancing the relationship between the customer and the brand. New thoughts will be brought forward; new questions will be asked; new solutions may even be suggested. Kobie also intends to also address its own business model – the delivery of a comprehensive suite of marketing and technology services to end user clients, often on behalf of those clients to their own best customers.

According to Michael Hemsey, President of Kobie, “we are in business for only one reason: to drive incremental financial results from the programs Kobie supports. We accomplish this by engaging our client’s customers, connecting all the touch points of our client’s brand, and a relentless commitment to testing, learning and improving based on business results. The Muse will support this fundamental premise by sharing ideas, challenging best practices and creating another platform for collaborating with our clients and partners.” Hemsey, along with other key leaders on the Kobie management team, will be a frequent contributor.

“In our daily interactions with the brands that help play a role in our own lives we notice things,” adds Carlos Dunlap, Kobie’s Loyalty Practice Director, “and often our reaction helps define our personal future relationship with those brands. As the marketplace becomes more complex, as channels expand, as personal networks grow exponentially, the power of delivering a superior customer experience can’t be overstated. We hope this blog adds to the conversation and becomes a reservoir of information and content which will help all marketers unleash that power.”

The Muse will be an open platform dedicated to loyalty, the customer experience, and all things related to engagement marketing. Feedback from readers will be encouraged. The blog will feature regular posts from the many talented thinkers and writers at Kobie and will provide links to news items, research studies and other commentaries focused on the customer experience.

About Kobie Marketing

For over 20 years, Kobie has been a recognized leader in the loyalty marketing industry. Through award-winning loyalty marketing campaigns and continuous reinvention of how firms execute effective programs, Kobie’s clients enjoy incremental revenue, product and household penetration, and brand advocacy.

Today, Kobie Marketing leads the loyalty marketing industry with a relentless focus on delivering the best customer experience, through proprietary technologies and award-winning campaigns. Kobie Marketing is spearheading the mobile loyalty revolution with its Social Media, SMS, MMS and Mobile Application loyalty solutions. Kobie manages loyalty management programs for many of the world’s most successful brands: AMC Entertainment, Bank of America, Barnes & Noble, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, CBS Sportsline, Comcast Corporation, Hawaiian Airlines, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Time Warner Cable, TracFone Wireless, Verizon Communications. Visit Kobie at

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