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Kobie Marketing Launches Industry-Leading Loyalty Platform with RBC Rewards

St. Petersburg, FL (January 27, 2009) – Kobie Marketing, a leading loyalty marketing agency, recently released Alchemy, its next generation loyalty technology platform. Alchemy is the latest release of Kobie’s proprietary eTRMS platform, which was first developed over a decade ago.
With Alchemy, Kobie has revolutionized the way leading businesses execute customer loyalty programs by incorporating numerous innovative features including points pooling and “householding” capabilities into its platform. These features allow members to combine points across clients, programs, services, and product lines. Members earn rewards faster without increasing program costs. In addition to this key-differentiating feature, Alchemy has the capability to provide a 360-degree enterprise-wide view of the customer through integration of multiple products, customers, and business units.
“Kobie has been designing and managing customer loyalty programs for nearly 20 years” says Michael Hemsey, President of Kobie Marketing. “Our clients have the ability to recognize and foster profitable relationships with their customers, while delivering experience-based opportunities through their loyalty programs. Alchemy allows each client the opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition, drive desired customer behaviors, and to manage its loyalty programs from end-to-end through online web reporting and a fully integrated reward and travel portal”.
Kobie recently launched the new industry-leading RBC Rewards program for RBC Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, using the Alchemy platform. RBC Rewards program not only allows program members to combine their credit and check card points, but members can also pool their points with other RBC Rewards clients. The pooling concept will enable members to earn points more aggressively and achieve large rewards faster. In addition to numerous new rewards, the program also introduced the latest innovation in travel, “My Way Rewards”. With My Way Rewards clients can redeem their points for any trip, using any travel agency of their choosing. No restrictions, no blackout dates, Saturday night stays or other rules apply. Customers finally are able to use their points for travel rewards they really want.
Kobie and Alchemy have the power to transform the traditional customer loyalty model and it will continue to allow clients from all industries to succeed in increasingly competitive environments.

About Kobie Marketing

Kobie is an award-winning loyalty marketing and technology firm with nearly two decades of experience in customer loyalty management; developing award-winning advertising campaigns; and developing and integrating robust and innovative technology platforms that have transformed client – customer interactions in the loyalty industry. Kobie has experience with a diverse client base and it has served customers in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, and Travel industries. Visit Kobie at to find out more about this unique and innovative company.

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