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Kobie Marketing Announces Revamped Verizon Loyalty Program to Reward Company’s Small Business Customers

St. Petersburg, FL (December 27, 2012)Kobie Marketing, a recognized leader in the loyalty marketing industry, worked with Verizon to revamp its loyalty program, Small Biz Rewards.

Small Businesses Are Big Loyalty Business

While many people associate loyalty programs as being consumer-focused, there is a growing need for companies to develop loyalty programs aimed at small businesses. As a result, Kobie has expanded an existing loyalty program for Verizon through Verizon Small Biz Rewards, to recognize and address the needs of the company’s small business customers.
Verizon Small Biz Rewards is a no-cost, points-based program available to Verizon’s business customers subscribing to services involving fewer than 20 landlines.
“By offering cross-vertical rewards combined with the ease-of-use and flexibility common in a debit MasterCard transaction, Small Biz Rewards is more than just static points accumulation, but rather about driving an engaging and singular experience for Verizon small business customers,” said Michael Hemsey, Kobie’s president. “Verizon is dedicated to providing value to its small business customer segment, and we are proud to have helped developed the Small Biz Rewards program to deliver on that brand promise.”

Seeing Big Potential in Small Businesses

Recent research found that the majority (52%) of U.S. small business owners felt companies did not market to them effectively. Lackluster loyalty engagement has also plagued the small business sector, as it is frequently overlooked by marketers designing B2B loyalty programs. Verizon’s Small Biz Rewards is leading the charge for engaging small businesses, understanding that contrary to larger companies, decision-making in small businesses is more localized, often lying solely in the hands of the business owner or a few executives.
For more information about Kobie Marketing, its work on Verizon’s Small Biz Rewards program, or to schedule an interview with Nancy Berg, VP of Client Services and Partnerships, please contact Vanessa Horwell of ThinkInk at 305.749.5342 ext. 232.

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