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Kobie Marketing Evaluated as a Provider of PIVAS Solutions for Clients Seeking Multipayment Instruments Approach by Industry Analyst Firm

St. Petersburg, FL (May 11, 2009) – In today’s economy, businesses that rely on loyal patronage need a distinct competitive advantage in order to retain current customers and acquire new ones. Implementing Payment Information Valued-Added Services (PIVAS solutions) has become a key way for loyalty program providers to understand and leverage customers’ payment information to their benefit.
When Gartner, a global leader in information technology, issued a comprehensive industry research advisory report in July 2008, it advised loyalty program providers to define their strategic intent before choosing a PIVAS solution provider. Kobie Marketing’s unique Alchemy solution, which is a card agnostic, leading-edge loyalty and promotional platform, was cited by the report as a choice for clients seeking a multipayment instruments approach.
The objective of a PIVAS solution, like Kobie’s Alchemy, is to use the resulting data to understand the context of a given promotion and to be able to deliver that promotion in real time. For instance, offer merchants more hindsight into their customers’ shopping habits by using aggregates derived from combined fields from the databases of card networks and card issuers, and as a result initiate promotional activity at the POS following a specific purchase.
Said Bram Hechtkopf, Director of Business Development and Marketing of Kobie Marketing, “We believe Gartner’s evaluation is an acknowledgement of Kobie’s strength in this area and reinforces our reputation as a leader in loyalty marketing. Our dedication to developing unique and profitable loyalty solutions for our clients helps them to maintain and thrive even during increasingly challenging times.”

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