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Kobie Marketing and Radiance Rewards Launch Joint Venture to Address National Health Care Crisis

St. Petersburg, FL (August 7, 2009) – Kobie Marketing, a leading loyalty marketing and technology agency and Radiance Rewards, LLC, an active lifestyle media firm recently formed a joint venture in response to President Obama’s call to solve the National Health Care Crisis. The new venture, the Sweat Equity Network (SEN), seeks to reduce spiraling healthcare costs by rewarding people for healthy behaviors and is a proactive approach to preventive healthcare management.
The SEN is built on a universal coalition platform and connects members’ personal biometric devices, including Polar, Garmin, Timex, and BodyBugg to their fitness club and corporate wellness program memberships and active lifestyle brands. Through this user-friendly technology platform, members can earn, track and redeem their points for valuable rewards.
The program applies the same incentive techniques used to promote healthy behaviors in corporate wellness programs. Participants earn points for healthy activities, such as weight loss and smoking cessation, participation in virtual fitness events, and healthful purchases. Similar to corporate wellness programs, the SEN hopes to achieve high adoption rates through annual rewards valued at $250 or greater.
The SEN is free to all members and rewards are unlimited, as members can earn points from all their favorite activities, including walking, cycling, swimming, running, aerobics, sports, virtual fitness, and gym membership, among others. And, the SEN aligns directly with fitness chains, corporate wellness providers, and active lifestyle brands to offer even more ways to earn rewards.
Said Lee Embley, founder of Radiance Rewards, “The concept is to promote life-long healthy habits while having fun and earning valuable rewards. The plan engages and motivates members through a robust social network where members are rewarded for contributing content, virtual events, challenges, and organizing group activities.”
Highly appealing incentives, such as flat screen TV’s and high-end merchandise have already generated excitement among younger more techno-savvy consumers. However, the highly customized nature of the program experience appeals to all consumers and members are excited to earn valuable rewards from their favorite retailers.
Said Michael Hemsey, President of Kobie Marketing, “The rewards are best of class and include gift cards, travel, dining, concerts, high-end merchandise, Spa vacations, and 1,700 unique experiences. The goal is to create a more health-conscious society by encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The net result is expected to improve the overall health of the population by 10% over the next five years – that number alone would pay for the cost of National Health Care Reform.”
The new program will launch nationwide in October 2009.”

About Kobie Marketing

Kobie is an award-winning loyalty marketing and technology firm with nearly two decades of experience in managing loyalty programs; developing award-winning advertising campaigns; and developing and integrating robust and innovative technology platforms that have transformed customer interactions in the loyalty industry. Kobie has experience with a diverse client base, including Verizon, Bank of America, MBNA, Royal Bank of Canada, Barnes & Noble, Samsung, Advanta, Avon, and CBS Sportsline.

About Radiance Rewards, LLC

Radiance Rewards works with visionary partners, including Visa U.S.A and National City to consolidate the fragmented Conscious Living (CL) marketplaces through unifying Internet experiences, unique products, valuable services, and smart-shopping. To find out more about this pioneering company visit

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