Kobie Named a Leader in Latest Loyalty Technology Report by Independent Research Firm

Apr 1, 2023

Kobie, a global leader in loyalty marketing, announced today that it has been named a Leader in ” The Forrester Wave™️: Loyalty Technology Solutions, Q1 2023” Report.

The Forrester report, which was released today, evaluated 12 companies that offer loyalty technology solutions. The research categorizes these companies as Leaders, Strong Performers and Contenders based on their current offering, approach to the market (strategy), and market presence. Kobie was cited as one of the three Leaders in the space and scored the highest possible score in eight criteria of the evaluation categories including, Member Preference Management, Program Definition and Structure, Fraud Management, Program KPI Measurement, Emotional Loyalty Measurement, and Marketer User Experience.

Forrester stated in the report that Kobie, “offers loyalty solutions that focus on driving both short-term customer engagement and long-term brand devotion,” and noted that “with a full suite of technical and strategic services, Kobie offers some of the strongest services support in this evaluation.” The report also stated that Kobie has a clear vision grounded in building loyalty across the customer lifecycle, articulates strategic preparedness for emerging trends, and high client retention, as some of the reasons for securing Leader status.

Specific to Kobie’s technology platform, Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud (KALC), Forrester stated its strength is in the “program structure and loyalty measurement capabilities” and that “KALC also excels at measuring program KPIs” and “it offers benchmarks for loyalty marketers to track performance against.”

KALC is deliberately designed to provide an end-to-end solution for customer data management, rules/offer decisioning, customer experience delivery and program measurement/insights. Brands can use the entire platform with ease, or parts of it through seamless integration with your existing marketing technology. KALC easily integrates with partners and existing martech ecosystems, auto-scales as clients grow, and generates robust program data that fuels the cycle of continuous improvement and incremental ROI.

“This is a highly coveted achievement, and we are proud to be one of only three companies to secure this in the latest Wave,” said Marti Beller, President, Kobie. “This validates for us Kobie’s strategic vision and commitment to delivering comprehensive and innovative end-to-end loyalty solutions that focus on a holistic view of the customer with emotional, behavioral, and transactional data as an input.” Kobie’s CEO, Bram Hechtkopf added, “We are proud to be a Forrester Leader and the partner of choice for brands that align with Kobie’s mission to grow enterprise value through loyalty.”

The latest designation comes on the heels of being named in Forrester Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022 report, and interviewed for Forrester’s latest report on the collection and use of Zero Party Data to fuel loyalty strategies, Loyalty Programs Give You A Zero-Party Data Advantage. Additionally, Kobie was recently voted a Top Workplace in the U.S.

To read the full “The Forrester Wave™️: Loyalty Technology Solutions, Q1 2023” report, download here: kobie.com/wave.

About Kobie

As a trusted partner for more than 30 years, Kobie delivers market-leading, end-to-end loyalty solutions designed to enable customer experiences for the world’s most successful brands. With a strategy-led, technology-enabled approach, Kobie is consistently named an industry leader by Forrester with a mission of growing enterprise value through loyalty for clients.

Reaching more than 330 million consumers through loyalty, Kobie’s solutions are robust, but our philosophy is simple. The thoughtful design of proven solutions coupled with extensible, scalable, and configurable technology leads to a seamless customer experience. We bring strategic tools and frameworks to design programs that deliver results, and leverage our proprietary technology, Kobie Alchemy® Loyalty Cloud, to deliver and measure loyalty experiences. To learn more about partnering with Kobie, visit www.kobie.com.