Creating the right member experience

Understanding your customers is the difference between making or breaking your loyalty program. Our services gain and deliver the most informed understanding of what drives your members to engage (or not engage) with your brand. With these insights, we inform program decisions that are aligned with what will actually impact your members and drive their behaviors vs. guessing, which means strategy you can depend on. Link should be to ELS eBook**


Key questions we help answer:

Consumer Validation Research / How appealing is the loyalty design and will it change behavior?

CX Mapping



Etc (from Laura’s team)



One of our cornerstone strategic services based on 30+ year of insights is our proprietary Emotional Loyalty Scoring®.

Emotional Loyalty Scoring®

Our proprietary Emotional Loyalty Scoring® methodology gives you a deep understanding of what motivates your consumers. Unlike other loyalty providers, we use emotional loyalty an input to drive engagement with your brand vs. a hopeful outcome of your loyalty program. We score consumers to understand the “why” behind their behaviors, which informs your customer experience, segmentation strategies, communications, reward options, and partner development. ELS segments, which can be combined for further analysis, are proven to have different thresholds for things like advocacy, pain and forgiveness, and value exchange – crucial elements to the overall brand experience beyond loyalty.

Such segments include:

Status: “I feel better about myself based on the way I interact with this brand because they make me feel special.”

Habit: “I made my decision regarding my preferred brand, and I am now mostly on autopilot.”

Reciprocity: “I feel there is a two-way relationship, and I owe it to the brand to stay loyal.”

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