Case Study: Building a Foundation for Meeting Customer Needs in Loyalty

May 20, 2014

Case Study- Building a Foundation for Meeting Customer Needs in LoyaltyJason Dolat of RBC Bank and Michael Hemsey of Kobie Marketing recently spoke with Bank Systems and Technology about building a better banking customer experience to enhance member loyalty.  The article reveals some of the best practices undertaken by the bank.  Here is a quick excerpt from the article: “Working with Kobie, the bank redesigned its customer experience for tracking and redeeming loyalty points, and leaned heavily on customer segmentation and analytics to measure engagement. To get the single-view of the customer across the enterprise that would be required to see customer relationships and interactions, Kobie worked with the bank to tie multiple disparate systems into Kobie’s Alchemy loyalty platform. The platform offers real-time analytics and a marketing campaign manager that helps personalize customer communications says Michael Hemsey, president of Kobie Marketing. The initial implementation process took six months, Hemsey adds.”  Read the full article here.