The Heart of Loyalty

2024 Consumer Research Report 

Discover the Hidden Consumer Motivators Behind Loyalty Program Success and the Strategies Your Brand Can Activate

Are you struggling to keep your loyalty program members engaged? Not seeing value across your enterprise or return on loyalty investments?

In an ever-changing world where perception = reality, it’s no longer sufficient to merely survey consumers and analyze industry trends to craft your loyalty strategy. The real question is: what drives consumers to perceive loyalty the way they do?

Kobie’s research team, composed of PhDs specializing in the intersection of human psychology and consumer perceptions, delved deep into the behavioral psychology that underpins consumer motivations. This unique approach enabled us to create one of the most academically rigorous reports in the field. We go beyond surface-level analysis and statistics, leveraging psychological insights to offer actionable strategies that build genuine emotional loyalty for brands.

As the ONLY leader in the The Forrester Wave™️: Loyalty Services, Q2 2024 Report, Kobie is equipped to help brands interpret and activate these strategies to help grow enterprise value through loyalty.

Access your copy of the 2024 Consumer Research Report below, or reach our team today to help revolutionize your approach to loyalty.

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Key Insights From The Heart of Loyalty: 2024 Consumer Research 

Fielded with more than 4,000 consumers across industries like retail, financial services, travel, hospitality, and QSR.

The lifecycle of disengagement

Understand why members disengage at different points and how the underlying reasons remain consistent.

The power of choice and co-creation

Learn how offering choice, optionality, and co-creating the experience can act as powerful motivators, shifting mindsets towards cash back and other benefits.

Perfecting personalization

Discover how and why consumers notice when personalization falls short, and how delivering the right message through the right medium can prevent disengagement.

Gamification & engagement

Explore how innovative loyalty strategies and gamification can drive engagement during the “in-between” moments, keeping members actively involved.

The duality of tiers

Dive into the dual desires of consumers for both endowing status and seeing progress, and understand the implications for tiered loyalty programs.

Navigating newness

Address the challenge of consumer resistance to new or unfamiliar concepts, and how age and emotional connection influence adoption.

Growing enterprise value through loyalty


The thoughtful design of proven solutions on the front end, coupled with extensible, configurable technology leads to a seamless customer experience. Our ability to drive enterprise value through a strategy-led, technology enabled approach to loyalty creates a cycle of continuous improvement for the brands we call partners.